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3 Reasons Social Media Is An Essential To Any Small Local Business’ Marketing 

September 6, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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The Power of Social Media For All Types of Businesses And The Opportunities Those Who Ignore Digital Marketing Miss Out On 

Over the years, social media has not only evolved into a huge platform of communication, but also a place to market to consumers. With now over 4 billion total users worldwide, the range of potential to be successful on social media is endless- no matter your niche, type of target audience, or your business’ overall goals on social media, there are always opportunities for your brand in some way to market to consumers out there who are active on these social media platforms. Through a thought out strategy on social media alone, your business can boost its discoverability, brand awareness and authority, drive more traffic, and ultimately generate more sales.

Although most businesses understand the power of social media, most do not tap into their potential because they believe their social media has to start from somewhere or that their business is too small to see any sort of results. But, in reality, this reason that drives brands away from social media is actually the complete opposite of the truth. From large to small local businesses, any business can benefit from being active on social media, even if their pages start from the ground. Ignoring social media as a business results in turned away followers, interested consumers, and ultimately lost revenue. 

So apart from the fact that your business is marketable on social media, what are the actual benefits your brand can see by putting in your time and effort into building your social media presence? 

Here Are 3 Outcomes That Any Business With An Active Presence Will See On Social Media: 

1. Increased Brand Awareness, Authority, and Discoverability 

By not being on social media, users who are actively looking for brands like yours, or even your business specifically, will never be able to find you because your account does not exist. By utilizing digital platforms such as social media, you allow these consumers to connect with your business through the method that they prefer the most. By being present on social media alone, your business is giving itself the opportunity to open itself up to a wider audience, and be discovered by consumers who would have never found you otherwise. 

Additionally, being active on social media allows your business to enter the space as a credible and reliable brand. By creating valuable posts and eventually building up the content that you have on your page, you will in turn build trust as a brand with your followers and in turn have authority on social media as a brand in your niche within the digital space. Active presence on social media gives your business a chance to build an audience, authority, and your brand’s personality in a way you would never be able to market and profit off of offline. 

2. Generate Leads and Drive Website Traffic 

Although leads and website traffic can be found in many different places, missing out on any type of leads are also missed potential sales. Whether you are looking into running ad campaigns on social media, or your business just wants to be active on social media by posting different forms of content, there are many different strategies that can be implemented to drive interest to your brand, and ultimately to your website. By staying present on social media, consumers can easily take interest in your brand and your products, all by giving your business a follow. 

Although not all followers will convert into immediate sales, creating a loyal consumer base that is invested in your brand’s products will still produce positive effects for your overall engagement, exposure on social media, and the amount of revenue that your business generates. As your engagement and following continues to grow on social media, so will the response to your content, and the organic traffic you are driving to your website to convert into actual sales. 

3. Building Direct Relationships With Your Consumers 

Social media is not only unique in the way that you can directly market your business, but also communicate with your consumers. On your digital platforms, you are opening up a line of communication between your business and its followers, where they can talk to your business in the easiest way possible. Not only is this form of communication in the mode that they like the best, but it furthermore allows consumers to give reviews, ask questions, raise concerns, and build a relationship with your brand. 

The more responsive your business is to your followers on social media, the more users will see that your brand is easily accessible, cares about its customers, and is a business worth investing in now and in the future. Interactions such as these on social media also boost your engagement and build your authority and overall awareness in the digital space as a valuable and credible business to follow on the platform. This direct line of communication builds a relationship that not only allows users to get to know your brand, but also for your business to get to know its consumers, and continually build upon a social media strategy that will produce success.  

Overall, social media is a valuable tool that any business can take advantage of in their marketing strategy. With all of its opportunities, no matter your brand or audience, any business who decides to not be active in this digital space will miss out on a lot of their prospective audience and success on the platform. Even if the visible results take time, or none of your content goes “viral”, there are still foreseeable benefits to social media that businesses cannot find by putting time into any other type of marketing strategy. 

Want to tap into these benefits of social media, but simply do not have the time in your schedule to invest into your business’ digital success?

We have the perfect solution for you! Social Rotation allows you to schedule out a year’s worth of content, all within less than 15 minutes. Within the dashboard, you can pick from a multitude of different done-for-you content packs, ranging from niche-specific to general content such as National Holidays. Even if your business does not have the time to generate valuable content and keep up with an active digital presence, Social Rotation allows you to still see the benefits of social media marketing and building your brand on social media, with all of the work completely done-for-you.

To learn more about the benefits of social media marketing for your small business, or how to leverage Social Rotation within your strategy to save your business time without sacrificing results, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

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