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A Guide To Automatizing Business’ Digital Marketing Strategy For Social Media

May 30, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Simplifying The Process Without Limiting Your Success  

The process of creating and posting content repetitively, consistently staying active, and analyzing the progress of your social media strategy can be extremely overwhelming for any business. Considering the amount of time and effort it takes for all of these various components that go into running social media, it is crucial for businesses to utilize tools that offer efficiency with the same amount of success. 

Amongst many different softwares that help businesses simplify posting valuable content on social media, automation is one of the top tools that all businesses should be utilizing in achieving their digital marketing goals. 

What is Social Media Automation? 

Social Media Automation is simply the process of using a tool that diminishes the amount of human time spent on your social media. Automation includes scheduling posts, stories, and comments ahead of time, instead of having to set up the content’s structure and immediately making it live. When scheduling, your business can choose the exact day and time for the content to post. Additionally, scheduling posts through automation not only puts you ahead of time, but also gives you the ability to publish the content across all of your social media at once. With this type of software, there is even a potential to use templated content, which means that all of your content is completely done-for-you, and all your business has to do is schedule it. 

Although not all tasks regarding your business’ social media should be automated, the process of scheduling content can produce greater efficiency while still producing social media growth and success. Staying active and consistent on social media is the most essential component to every business’ social media strategy for any positive results. Your business will still see all of the benefits of active, consistent social media such as building your online presence and credibility, improved engagement, and ultimately higher conversion rates from driving traffic into sales. But, the difference with automation is that all of these results can still come without ruining the quality of your business’ content and always requiring your full attention. 

Automation With Social Rotation 

Automation utilizing the Social Rotation software gives you the opportunity to still be an active business on social media, but still allowing you to focus on the primary aspects of your brand as a business owner. Within the dashboard, you can schedule any future content to be posted at a specific day and time across all of your platforms, without requiring any sort of human intervention. 

Not only can you automate and schedule out all of your social media posts, Social Rotation provides you templated, niche-specific, and quality content that your business can utilize across all of your business’ digital platforms. Furthermore, the content that you do have can be rotated, which will additionally save your business time in this recycling and repurposing process, rather than constantly struggling to generate fresh content. There are no other social media softwares that allow you to both schedule posts and provide you with already done-for-you content other than Social Rotation. 

Additionally, for other modes of content you may utilize within your business, Social Rotation makes it extremely simple to upload and post it across all of your social media accounts. From creating posts from URL links to the ability to upload and schedule content directly into the Social Rotation dashboard, it has never been more efficient to create and schedule out valuable content that does not get boring over time.  For instance, for businesses that have podcasts, the Social Rotation dashboard allows you to share this content across social media through RSS feeds. Converting content such as podcasts or articles related to your business not only generates quick and fresh content for your social media, but also provides an extreme amount of value to your followers and consumers. 

Want to see what automation looks like inside the Social Rotation dashboard yourself? 

Click On This Video Below To See How Easy It Is! 

To learn more about the benefits of automation through Social Rotation or other features of the dashboard that your business is lacking in its social media marketing strategy, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team. 

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