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We help chiropractors who knows they must be on social media but don't have the time to manually find content and post daily.

When you activate your account, you'll be able to upload a logo, connect your social media, and put your social media on autopilot for the next year. 

When you activate your account today:

- We'll Waive Your Activation Fee ( $99 Value )
- One On One Setup Call With Your Account Manager ( $99 Value)
- Include Our National / International Holidays Packs ( $499 Value )
- 20% of your subscription will go straight to ACPA                              

Focus On Your Patients Not Your Social Media Posts

Save Hours Per Week  

Set It And Forget It 

Focus On Growth


Of Business Owners

Spend nearly 75 minutes per day trying to figure out and find content to post to be active on social media.

Minutes One Time

Is all it takes with Social Rotation to setup your  automated posting schedule for up to one year.

Get Up And Running In Minutes

Customized Content

We know just how hard it is to come up with content on a consistent bases. That’s why we have niche-specific content you can use today for your business.

Recycle Content

No need to continually create new content month after month, when you can recycle what you already have. And it’s as easy as selecting a time of day and you are done.

Post To All Your Favorite Social Platforms

Posting to all of your favorite platforms has never been faster or easier thanks to Social Rotation.

Upload Multiple Files at Once

We have made it quick and easy to upload multiple files at one time, meaning you can get your social posting done for a year in a matter of minutes.

Access to a Support Team

We have a world-class support team who are ready and willing to help you with anything you need, all you have to do is say the word.

1-on-1 Calls with our Team

Need a little 1-on-1 attention? No problem. Schedule a call with one of our Social Rotation team members who can walk you through any questions you may have.

Eye Catching Content Designed To Capture And Engage Your Audience

Daily Posts  Speak To Your Audience

Our professional design team creates content proven to build your authority and brand awareness across your social media pages and profiles. Never wonder what to post again.

National Days And Holidays Included

Our smart rotation engine allows you to schedule the entire calendar years worth of posts for all upcoming holidays and national days for the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK in minutes, and forget about it until next year. 

Social Rotation Offers Industry Specific DFY Social Content Packages With Additional Industries Being Added Regularly

With branded daily content specific to your industry you’ll create authority and engagement in your local area that defines you as the “go-to” business for your specialty. No need to scour the internet for hours on a daily basis.
Click each image to see a live Facebook page for the corresponding industry.
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Post To All Of Your Favorite Social Platforms

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"Thank you for making this so easy."
Thank you so much. And especially thank you for making this so easy for an older, non-technical person like me. If I can do it, literally anyone can.
Dr. Delilah Parker, D.C.
Hands-On Chiropractic, Inc.

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