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[App Update] Disconnection Notice

May 19, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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We recently added a new update to the Social Rotation software that would alert you via email any time any of your social accounts become disconnected.

With every single posting platform on the market, Social Media platforms force reconnections any time there is either a new password set or a security issue, or if it has been longer than 2 months since the last access token was set.  


Changes to Permissions:

  1. Any change of passwords
  2. Changing admins, either adding a new administrator or removing an old one.
  3. The Social Platform or another admin has removed permissions to the administrator who connected the accounts to Social Rotation

Unusual practices on your account:

  1. Identifying from different devices with the same account. 
  2. Use different Facebook accounts from the same device.
  3. Social Media Platforms can revoke permissions unilaterally if they detect a vulnerability in their own system.

Time Limits:

If an access token has not been used it will expire automatically after 60 days.

Whatever the reason is for your permissions to be revoked, Social Rotation will send a notification to the email address registered in your account.


If you have a single location account with Social Rotation your email alert will look like the below image.

If you have a reseller account, you will be the one who will receive the notification. If you are an admin of the account, you will simply log in and reconnect the account. If you are not an admin, you will have your client log in to their account and reconnect. Your email will look like the image below.

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