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[August 4, 2021] Added Features: Bulk Editing & More Content Coming Your Way

August 5, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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As of today, you can now bulk edit your date based content schedule.

1. Log into your Location and click on Schedule and then date based.

2. You can either choose individual posts you want to edit or select them all to edit everything at once.
3. After you have selected the posts you wish to edit click on action and then edit or delete.
4. From the edit button you have the option to change the networks the post will go to, the date and time the post will go out.
We are also releasing a new Content Drop Schedule. As a memeber of Social Rotation you will be be getting Canva templates every single month along with our regular Niche Content Packs. You will find this month's Gary Vee Tribute Template in your account under your Agency Training.
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