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Building Social Media Content That Speaks Successfully To Your Niche's Specific Target Audience 

March 14, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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How To Create A Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy By Understanding Who Your Business' Best Consumers Are

When constructing and implementing a social media marketing strategy, the purpose is to get the potential consumers who engage with your brand to convert into sales and recurring customers for your business. Through social media, any business has the opportunity to illustrate their value to the type of consumers who need you most. However, the most successful businesses in the digital space are the ones who not only listen to their consumer base, but understand who they are specifically trying to market their services to. 

For example, think of a favorite business that you enjoy buying from and ask yourself a few questions: 
  • What about that brand makes you continue to purchase from them?
  • Do you notice any similarities between yourself and the typical buyer of this business? 
  • As a digital marketer and consumer yourself, what tools are they utilizing in their own strategies that makes them successful, especially on social media?   

Based on how you answered those questions, you will notice that the most successful brands in digital marketing aim to specifically market to their target audience. By utilizing this knowledge of who their target audience is and focusing on their strategy with specific information about them, they consequently see the most return and success from the content they post on social media. 

Now, With This Idea In Mind, What Exactly Is A Target Audience? 

A target audience is a specific group of people that your business is trying to reach and influence on your business’ social media. These are typically the people who are the best potential consumers for your brand to convert into recurring customers. The target audience of a brand is most interested in the content a business posts, and furthermore the products and services that are offered. 

With this being said, focusing on your business’ target audience does not mean that the opportunity to sell to any type of consumer is not there. Rather, your social content will be the most successful in converting potential consumers by targeting those on social media who will inevitably be more inclined to engage with your business. The target audience of a business usually has similar characteristics such as demographics like age, and most importantly buying behaviors. Although creating content to only target a specific audience may seem extremely narrow, it will ultimately expand your social media reach. By targeting those most interested in your brand by creating content that speaks primarily to this audience, you will quickly build brand awareness, increase social engagement, create relationships with users through active interaction, and consequently generate more sales. Talking precisely to your best potential  consumers on social media will produce the best outcome for your business from your marketing strategy. 

As A Business, How Do You Find Who Your Specific Audience Is?  

When determining a target audience for a certain business, it starts with some research. The purpose of this marketing strategy is to connect and continue building your target audience, so you must reflect and understand who takes the most interest and absorbs the content best. 

The first step in finding your target audience is to look at your social media now and observe who actively engages the most, and what about them makes these people interested in your business. Another way to research your target audience as well is to find competitors’ social media similar to your own to see who is interacting with them, and what content is producing the most success on their page. When looking at another business’ social media page, it may be easier as an observer to see what visuals and language work from an outside view, rather than content produced from your own business. Getting an indication of what type of content works in producing engagement will give you a lot of information on your users and therefore who is your target audience. 

Some key characteristics to a target audience include their age, the times which they are on social media, specific pain points, and their purpose for taking interest in your brand. By taking some time to research your user’s demographics, you will easily see some patterns and specific demographics that your business typically speaks to. Taking the time to get to know your target audience and potentially some trial and error in producing content will guarantee you success in your social media strategy.

How Do You Utilize This Information About A Target Audience? 

After researching and understanding your business’ target audience, it is time to narrow in your social media strategy specific to them. To be the most successful in reaching this audience, you must first be active on the social media platforms they use the most. If you are posting on specific platforms that they do not spend time on, the content targeting them will essentially never be seen and completely miss the audience. Furthermore, when creating specific content, use and keep your research in mind. Your content should be similar to previous posts that they responded to the best and converts these potential buyers effectively into sales. It is crucial that this content speaks to your audience, and how your business is valuable to them. 

Social listening is a great example of how to continue speaking and building your business’ target audience. Although the initial research of figuring out your brand’s nice audience is, it is also important to continue researching and staying up to date with current trends on social media. By taking part in producing content that people are currently watching and listening to the most, you can easily reach and expand your target audience and consequently your conversion of sales. Types of social listening include keywords, hashtags, or just overall trends in relation to social media and current happenings in the world. The more interaction you can receive from your target audience, the more brand awareness, exposure, and success your social media marketing strategy will see. 

Focusing on your target audience in creating content as a business can be utilized as an extremely important aspect of a successful social media strategy to convert more potential consumers. 

There are also current marketing tools that help you immediately target your business’ audience successfully. Through platforms such as Social Rotation, you can access done-for-you content specific to your business’ niche that are proven to target and convert your audience. That way, you can indulge in immediate success on your social media by engaging with your best users rather than going through a period of trial and error with your content. 

To learn more about pinpointing your business’ target audience and how Social Rotation could help you increase brand awareness and sales simply through reaching your audience, click here to schedule a 1-1 call with our customer success team.

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