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The Major Visibility Tool Your Business Should Be Taking Advantage Of 

When looking anything up, from map directions to the best restaurants in your local area, where is the first place you go immediately? Google. 

Google is the ultimate destination everybody unconsciously goes to in searching for something. In essence, it is the biggest digital space for information and discoverability. Just based on your search results, you decide to go with whatever business and invest in what they have to offer. So what components of the business influenced you, the consumer, to believe that they were the best choice? 

As the digital space continues to bring success to businesses online, creating a strong internet presence is crucial in allowing consumers to find your business. How your business presents itself online will consequently translate into how many leads you generate and convert into recurring consumers. Your business must not only be discoverable, but also be actively present in a way that demonstrates to potential consumers that you are open and a favorable business to interact with. Not only is your business’ presence important on social media, but on platforms such as Google that play a huge role in your discoverability and impact on potential consumers as well. 

But how do you manage the general internet presence of your business, and where would you start in improving that? 

Google My Business- What Is It? 

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to manage how you appear on google search and maps. As a business, you enter important information such as your name, location, hours, and content such as photos and videos that will be displayed for visitors to see. The more accurate and complete your display is, the better your business will be optimized in searches. On average, businesses with photos see 35% more clicks to their website and 42% higher requests for directions in Google Maps. Not only is Google My Business a key way to establish your brand identity on the internet, but also gives your business the opportunity to easily connect with consumers online and in turn generate more leads. 

Along with dominating in brand identity, Google my Business also gives you the opportunity to review and actively respond to reviews customers leave about your business. Responding to reviews demonstrates that your business is thankful and values consumers. On the other hand, responding to negative reviews shows that you take your clients’ feedback seriously, that you care, and that you want to fix whatever bad experience they had with your business. Taking care of bad reviews not only sets a precedent for the customer who left the review, but also those who go through and read your reviews when searching your business. For your business itself, reviews are also helpful in that your consumer’s perspective on your products or service is valuable, and allows you to learn more about your target audience or how you can better service them. 

Posting On Google My Business

Through Google My Business, you can also post to showcase your products, services, and latest offers. This component will drive up your engagement and interest consumers in visiting your website and converting from a lead to a sale. Similar to any of your social media, the content should be inviting to consumers and targeting your business’ niche audience. Additionally, posting content through Google My Business only further improves your SEO and drives more traffic to your business. The more active you are with your online presence, the more attention your business will receive online and more sales your business will generate. 

Get more information on Google My Business posts and their impact on SEO by clicking here.

Furthermore, local searches have also recently surged in popularity for consumers finding businesses. According to recent research, 46% of google searches have local intent, and “Near Me” searches have doubled just within the last year. Also, 1 in 2 people who conduct a local search end up visiting a store that same day. Therefore, building relationships with consumers, especially locally, has extreme benefits to creating a loyal consumer base that trusts your business. Google My Business gives you the ability to see where and how people are searching for you, in a way that will increase your business both locally and to your overall consumer base.

Along with your social media, Social Rotation also gives your business the platform to completely schedule out and automate what you post to Google My Business. Our software gives your business the opportunity to take advantage of improving your SEO and discoverability by posting, without having to spend an overwhelming amount of time to execute it. Take advantage of the benefits your business can see by posting on Google My Business through Social Rotation to get major leverage against your competitors the next time your potential consumers search your business online. 

To learn more about Google My Business posts and completely automating them by implementing Social Rotation into your marketing strategy, click here to schedule a free, personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

What To Watch And How To Utilize These Trends To Your Business’ Greatest Advantage In Your Social Media Strategy

If there is one thing that will certainly kill a business’ social media strategy, it is when they are not being active and also consistent within the trends of social media. As the digital landscape is always in flux, it is crucial that businesses do not stay stagnant in their type and delivery of content. Otherwise, they will no longer be relevant in the cycle of social media trends that their users are currently following. Although your brand’s voice and content on social media should be specified to your business, staying up to date with the general trends of a digital platform will further drive more potential consumers, make your business more discoverable, and ultimately boost your revenue. 

Since its original launch back in 2010, Instagram has become the second biggest social media network in the world, with over a billion monthly active users. In its rise throughout the digital age as a popular social media platform, countless features and trends have circulated through the app over the years. Despite these trends seemingly coming and going in the blink of an eye, each one continues to bring more opportunities for businesses to utilize them in a way that furthers the success of their marketing efforts. The quicker that businesses can adapt themselves in accordance with these trends, the greater response you will consequently see in how your content performs. 

With your relevancy to users on Instagram directly correlated to how you make use of the digital network, it is necessary to incorporate the most up to date trends within your business’ content for the greatest return. In this post, we have compiled and categorized the trends that are currently making the biggest ripple for businesses on the app this current year. 

Instagram Is One Of The Most Business Oriented Digital Networks 
Promoting Engagement From Users Just Within A Post 
Instagram Stories And The Features Within Them 
Instagram’s Newest Feature - Reels 

Although it can never be predicted which trends and newest features are next, it is essential for a business on social media to understand that incorporating trends is a user-oriented advantage that will always lead to positive outcomes. From the business-oriented community of the platform itself to the basically built-in marketing features, Instagram provides both a network and endless opportunities for your business to promote itself and be discoverable to your potential consumers. Watching and utilizing these trends will not only give your business the ability to implement your social media strategy through different approaches, but also in a way that effectively guarantees the most success.

To learn more about how to further expand the potential reach of your marketing on social media by emphasizing the current trends within your strategy, click here to book a personalized demo with our team.

A Guide To Generating More Revenue While Simultaneously Putting Your Social Media On Autopilot 

Social media, especially for businesses, can be utilized as a simple yet essential piece in a marketing strategy to increase the amount of organic leads and consequently sales in the digital space. It is no secret by now that boosting engagement on social media is an effective way to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, and strategically lead these potential buyers to your business. 

But as a business owner, managing social media on multiple platforms takes a decent amount of work to produce positive results. From coming up with creative ideas and posts, understanding current trends, and just the basic upkeep of your accounts to keep them active, executing your digital marketing plan on social media can quickly pile up. With consistency as an essential factor in producing an interactive and engaging business page for your followers, it is crucial that this management role is prioritized in your strategy. 

With the landscape of social media always evolving, the components of your marketing approach such as the intent of your posts and how you are targeting your main audience must also follow. Even with a strong conceptual strategy, the actual execution of it will determine the ultimate outcome and impact it has on your business. 

Managing social media efficiently and successfully can easily turn into a full time job. And for a social media manager, it is. 

So how can adding a social media manager to your team be a profitable aspect for your business?   

First, let’s break down what a social media manager does. Evidently, it is their full time job to regulate your business’ social media. Their expertise is to build your specific content, understand how to embed current trends that fits the voice of your business and target your audience, create new ways to interact with your followers, and analyze what aspects of your marketing strategy work best with your consumers. Hiring a social media manager allows you to ensure that your social media is producing optimal results, and is hitting all of the goals your strategy originally intended in generating more sales. 

Along with taking the majority of the work off of your hands, incorporating a manager into your social media also gives the opportunity for them to bring their knowledge and experience to the table that will additionally benefit your business. Even though you may use social media personally, there could be various platform features you may not be aware of, or ways to utilize them to engage your target audience and bring even greater success to your business. Apart from the substantial time you can get back, outsourcing this work can build your brand’s voice and identity on social media in a way you as a business owner may have never had time for. 

Adding a social media manager as an asset to your digital marketing approach can offer many benefits to your business, but it is also essential to find one that is the right fit. When looking for someone to manage your social media, they must fit the mold of what you need them to do. It is crucial that they are both qualified and can produce quality results for your specific business. Further, they must understand your niche and possess a skill set that will best present an opportunity to your business’ social media. Ultimately, this person will only be an asset to your strategy if they are the right fit for your business. 

Another option that could be used as a different form of a social media manager is a software service such as Social Rotation. Although interviewing and hiring a social media manager could be great for your business, the expense may be beyond your business’ reach, and the success they produce may not be guaranteed. Social Rotation provides a dashboard to regulate all of your social media accounts, templated packs specific to your niche’s target audience, and takes an extra person in your business out of the equation. With proven content and the ability to schedule content, your business’ social media will be completely automated while producing the results a social media manager could. Social Rotation will not only save you time, but is guaranteed to fit your business and allow you to still be in control of your business’ social media success. 

To get more information on how to put your business’ social media on autopilot with the Social Rotation, click here to schedule a free demo with our team.

5 Reasons Why Rejuvenating Old Posts Can Lead To Greater Results Within Your Marketing Strategy Over Competitors   

Quality content is an essential factor in lead generation and converting prospects into consumers for any marketing strategy, especially on digital platforms like social media. As anyone would expect, the more traffic driven to the content, the more return and ultimately profit a business will receive from the success of their online content strategy.  

With each piece of content you produce and post, there is always an end goal, trend, or specific audience in mind. Despite the overall success or lack thereof for a piece of content, the post will inevitably become old to your consumers, as they move onto the next piece put in front of them. Unfortunately, this quick timeline leads to the potential of the post to diminish greatly in driving traffic for the business as time goes on. 

Thankfully for businesses, repurposing content is an effective concept that not only saves a large amount of time in creating new content for your social media, but also revitalizes already done content in a way that maximizes the amount of eyes that reach your posts. Through a revamp of old content based on the current social media climate in general or specific to your business’ niche, you can fulfill the full potential of your posts, social media marketing strategy, and get the most return on your content by expanding its reach in a new way. 

Aside from the great amount of time your business will save… 

Here Are Five Ways Repurposing Content Is Beneficial For Your Social Media:
1. Reach People Your Post May Have Missed The First Time

Repurposing an old post is the best way to get greater visibility on any piece of content. Whether you are tweaking something small such as the call to action or changing its creative direction completely, leveraging content by repurposing it can heavily boost traffic. Especially when making changes to the post in a specific manner, your content will find its way to new potential consumers whose attention your business did not grab with the original post. 

2. Improving Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Many businesses do not utilize the idea of repurposing content because they believe that it will be considered spam or that they will be penalized for duplicating content. But for social media and SEO, this belief is not true at all. By making your business’ content more up to date by aligning with current trends or using more keywords, your content will actually be boosted in search engines, making it more accessible and relevant to your target consumers. In consequence, your enhanced content will reach a greater audience and ultimately improve your online presence. 

3. Capitalizing On Posts You Have Already Put Your Effort And Time Into Creating 

Along with improving the amount of reach you are getting on posts, repurposing content gives your business the opportunity to get the full value out of your work. By revitalizing in accordance with trends or a new lens that gives the content a different perspective, your business in turn is maximizing the impact and return you can get out of a single piece of content. Capitalizing on already existing posts is the easiest way to get the most out of the time and effort that was spent in building the specific content for your marketing strategy. 

4. Diversifying The Content on Your Social Media 

Although repeating content in a new way seems like the complete opposite of diversifying your social media, changing the overall intent and desired response to a post can easily enhance your content to be seen in a different way. For example, you can diversify the content you post by editing the post’s overall goal, or even the mode in which you present the content, such as to a video format or a more infographic style. Furthermore, there are also many ways to repurpose content through your social media stories; incorporating engaging features such as polls or Q&A’s gives your followers the opportunity to more actively participate and interact with your page. Your business can easily create different ways to present your information to your target audience that ultimately still promote them to invest in your product or services. 

5. Reinforcing Your Message and Brand’s Voice 

Lastly, another benefit of repurposing content is to strengthen your business’ voice and message you are trying to encapsulate on social media. Although the content is now being presented by your business in a new way, the overall message you are aiming to have potential consumers understand will most likely be the same. Repurposing content not only allows you to get the most out of the work you did for that post, but also gives your business the opportunity to cover the same topic consistently with your audience. The more potential buyers are able to grasp your intent and brand’s voice within the message, the more likely they are to make that decision to actually invest in your business. 

Repurposing content is a simple way to enrich your marketing strategy that will effectively see positive results for your business. From content that previously done well for your social media or redeem posts that could have done better, this method of incorporating old content in an updated approach is a great process for any social media page to boost their reach, get the post value out of their creativity, and generate the most revenue from their online presence. 

Surprisingly enough, only about a third of marketers are currently using this system of reusing content in their strategies. As a business, rejuvenating your content can not only bring an increase in your online traffic and revenue alone, but also give you a tremendous advantage over competitors who may not be utilizing this strategy. 

To learn more about how to enhance your marketing strategy by saving time and expanding your reach with repurposed content, click here to schedule a free demo with our team for your business. 

Dominating the Creative Field By Increasing Your Exposure  

What if, as a content creator, you never had to seek out any businesses looking to utilize your content ever again. Would you take the opportunity? 

Content has become one of the most prominent methods of communication for businesses to market their products and services to potential consumers. Did you know that on average, over 90% of companies view content as a business asset, with almost 95% of them utilizing social media as the top distribution channel for their content? 

While the trend of clients looking for brands to be personable and interactive on social media continues to grow, this top type of content has never been more sought after by businesses than ever before. Niche specific content for consumers and targeting a specific audience has always been essential to any kind of business content. However, the importance of content has never been so influential on profit in the digital age prior to the surge of social media. 

As a social media content creator, you are well versed in the creative tools, and understand the proven processes in generating content that make a business’ social media successful. Especially with the knowledge and experience, creating posts can be one of the most quick and recurring profits anybody can execute on social media. 

But, In Building Content, There Are A Few Problems That Any Creator Can Easily Run Into: 
1. Creativity = Time: 

As you take on each new business’ social media, that entails an entire new set of content you are now responsible for generating. Furthermore, the quality and success of your posts also determine whether this business will become a recurring client of your business. Whether you are a small agency or a one-person business, you will eventually hit a cap on how many businesses you can take on, and limit your amount of potential opportunity or ultimately profit.

2. Finding Businesses Who Understand Your Value 

With many businesses recognizing the importance of quality content, they are looking for creators that can create personable content that works for their target consumer base. But as you are looking for them, they are simultaneously trying to find you. Quality leads exist that will exponentially increase your business as a content creator, but that starts with actually finding these businesses who see the value in your proven creative process and successful content. 

For a digital content creator, the solution is to make your work visible.  

But what can you do to leverage your business advantageously in a way where this visibility drives businesses to come seeking your service? And furthermore, how can you provide content to any and every business wanting you to provide content for them?  

You can completely automate your creative execution by selling your service by building via templated packs on a social media regulation software. From general or trending social media content to posts for niche specific businesses, you as a creator have complete autonomy and unlimited potential opportunity to get the most value out of your time and work. 

Your recyclable templates can be infinitely bought, utilized, and profitable off of any type of business; instead of having to always produce more products to sell, you can constantly sell templates or packs to a multitude of different clients.  Not only does your service save local businesses a lot of time by not having to create content from scratch, but it also spares you a lot of time because you are building out less content. This solution gives you the opportunity as a digital creator to maximize the amount of business who can see or utilize your content, while getting the most out of selling one product or template pack that you offer to businesses for their social media. 

By becoming a promotional partner with Social Rotation, you can exponentially increase your visibility and revenue as a content creator through a partnership with us. Social Rotation provides your agency a platform to maximize the use of your content by small businesses, and ultimately make profit just by providing your creative services. When you become a promotional partner, we help create your agency a PDF and video that includes your brand and instructions on how to use your templates. These tools illustrate how to access, download, edit, and upload your content into the Social Rotation dashboard and post it to their platforms. With this partnership, you make commission off of each product that businesses use from the products that you offer. 

In the Social Rotation dashboard itself, businesses have customization abilities such as preview, watermark, create an initial caption, and make a first comment prior to posting on social media platforms. By simply clicking the post button, your content can be uploaded to multiple platforms for the businesses at one time, such as Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram, and Google My Business. Our platform gives small businesses the opportunity to use your templates and essentially put their social media pages on autopilot with your content. 

Partnering with us is a solution that guarantees your content is being used and shared online, as well as eternally bringing you revenue as these businesses continue to come back on a monthly basis to buy more of your templated packs and content from your business. 

To learn more about maximizing your reach and boosting revenue as a digital content creator, click here to schedule a free personalized demo. 

A Memento From Ben Adkins: Taking A Look At The Most Proven And Successful Online Business Opportunity Any Person Could Model 

Around 8 years ago, I left my brick-and-mortar business after my “unconventional” online business started to blow up. My online business has been an amazing journey and it’s something that I am thankful for every day.

Perhaps those great early experiences, with being an online entrepreneur, have fueled my obsession with the unique online business models that I’m lucky enough to learn about almost every week.

Today, I want to tell you about a business that a 19-year-old University of Arkansas student put together that has him netting over $2,000 a month from the comfort of his dorm room.

The best part is that he’s built up this business in just under 4 months (117 days) and he’s making that money with a business model that is almost completely automated.

I was lucky enough to meet “Jeremy” (not his real name because he wanted to remain anonymous) at a recent marketing conference and we immediately hit it off. He told me his story and gave me permission to retell it here because he’s a big fan of helping others to start their own businesses (which is why he and I hit it off).

In today’s article, I’m going to walk you through exactly why Jeremy’s “Social Content and Scheduling” business is such an opportunity for new online entrepreneurs, why it beats the pants off what most everyone out there is trying to do when they first start, exactly what he’s doing for the Chiropractors that he works with, and how you can build your own $2000+/month business using this exact business model.

Let’s dive in and get started.

Why Jeremy’s “Social Content and Scheduling” Business is the perfect fit for most new Online Entrepreneurs.

Every single week, I talk to people who are stuck in a job that they hate and are looking for a way to start something of their own by leveraging the internet. When most of those folks actually take action and start something, I typically see them trying to build something that is overly complicated and will end up driving them crazy as it starts to grow.

If you’re a new entrepreneur who is looking to build a business on top of the internet, this may be one of the most important blog posts you ever read. I say that because taking the advice that you’re about to read and closely modeling this business is going to save you a ton of headaches that most new online business owners run into.

A Warning:
Some folks will glance over this article quickly and not read all the finer details. That would be a mistake. I’m about to break down a business model that seems overly simple but is actually genius in how it all comes together. You could waste a few years trying a bunch of things that don’t scale, or you can just follow the detailed steps below and get a head start on most of the other folks out there.

The beauty of Jeremy’s business is that it is simple. (more on that as we get into the later parts of this post).

The 2 most common online business models that new online entrepreneurs start because they seem easy (that are actually really hard to make work).

Before we get into Jeremy’s super smart “Social Content and Scheduling” method, I should talk about some of the most popular online business models that I see a ton of new online entrepreneurs trying and failing at (and why that’s happening).

Let’s cover the 2 most common culprits:

1. Custom Website Building
I see this one all the time. You sign up for a website builder like “Square” and you get the idea that you can use it to build amazing looking websites for small business owners. The problem is that this model doesn’t “scale”. What I mean by “Scaling” is that you can never really do enough volume building custom websites to get ahead. It takes a ton of time to build these for individual businesses (if you do it right) and then you look up and realize you’re making less than most of your friends with minimum wage jobs (when you break it down by hour).

2. Facebook Ad Management
This is a service that can yield a ton of income per client. The problem is that most people don’t have the skills to make it work. An excellent Facebook ad manager has to understand how to craft an enticing offer for Facebook, how to talk the business into getting on board with the offer, and they have to follow the subtleties of how the Facebook Ad Manager works. Those skills can take years to develop. It’s a lucrative model, but one that can get new online entrepreneurs in trouble fast if they don’t have the skills (and hurt your reputation if you can’t deliver results).

The overly complicated (and difficult to scale) business models above can be lucrative, but they aren’t the kind of thing that lends themselves to those just starting out.

That said, let’s dig into Jeremy’s Social Content and Scheduling method. I think you’ll quickly see why this technique is perfect for newbie online entrepreneurs.

Jeremy’s genius “Social Content and Scheduling” Business Model.

A 10k foot overview of Jeremy’s business model:

  1. Jeremy uses Facebook to search for Chiropractors, in a 100-mile radius, that have Facebook pages and are trying to post content to that page. He’s looking for Chiropractors that already understand the value of posting to their Facebook pages.
  2. He then makes a list of those Chiropractors and segments them by town.
  3. Once a week, he travels to one of the towns and drops off special “nice to meet you” packages to around 10–15 Chiropractors in that area.
  4. A few days after he drops the packages off, he calls the business back and asks for a meeting with the Chiropractor (they are receptive to actually scheduling a meeting because of the package that he dropped off a few days before).
  5. In the meeting, he gets to know the Chiropractor better and explains the Service that he provides.
  6. He makes them an offer on the “Social Content and Scheduling” Service that is hard to refuse.
  7. To fulfill the service, he posts 2 social media post a day to their Facebook page for around $200/month. This keeps their pages looking extremely active and inviting to new patients. He uses software to automate the posting process so the total work for Jeremy is around an hour to set everything up and then he sits back and collects payments.
  8. Once a month, he emails his 11 clients (who are all paying $200/month) and makes sure they are doing good.

That’s the general overview of how it works. Let’s dive into a more detailed step-by-step guide as to how it all works.

How to Setup, Sell, and Automate the $200/month Service for Chiropractors.

I wanted to make sure that I got you a ton of detail on how Jeremy actually does everything in his business. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to walk you through everything in detail.

Part 1: How Jeremy finds Ideal Clients.

I think the biggest secret to Jeremy’s success lies in the fact that he only goes after Chiropractors who are likely to need his service in the first place.

He told me that he has a very specific set of criteria for the kinds of Chiropractors that he’s looking for.

Jeremy’s Ideal Client Chiropractor Client:

This is how Jeremy goes about finding these clients:

  1. He types “city name Chiropractor” into the Facebook Search Box.
  2. He clicks into each of the top 15–20 search results and evaluates the office’s Facebook page.
  3. He is looking to see if the office has put effort into their page’s appearance and if they have posted at least 3x in the past 3 months. (the more they’ve posted on their own the better because it shows that they understand the value of posting to their Facebook page.
  4. He finds a link to their website on their Facebook page and goes to check out their website.
  5. He makes a list of the Chiropractors who are a good fit for his service and starts plotting out a course to visit their offices to drop off his “special packages” at each one.
Part 2: How Jeremy uses Donuts to get past the Gatekeeper and get a meeting with the Chiropractor.

Once Jeremy has decided on the 10–15 offices that he wants to visit in an area, he plans a trip so that he can visit them all in one day and drop off a special package at each of their offices.

It works like this:

Jeremy doesn’t try to talk with the Chiropractor or pitch his services when he’s doing the donut drop off. This is one of the keys to his method.

The Secret behind Jeremy’s service is that he’s posting “templated content” and not managing the comments or messages that come into the page (that is still the office staff’s responsibility).

Part 3: SETTING UP AND AUTOMATING THE SERVICE: How Jeremy sets up the Social Content and Scheduling Service without having to design any of the content himself.

Once Jeremy lands the client, he goes to work. This is where the magic happens.

The $200/month “Social Content and Scheduling” service is powered by a few key things.

Before we dive into the steps, Social Rotation offers a numerous variety of “Done-for-you” Content packs all within your dashboard.

Here are a few example Facebook Pages with the Social Rotation niche packs:

You can save yourself a few weeks of design work by utilizing Social Rotation's Done-For-You content.

With Social Rotation, you are given all of the available packs at once. You can use them for all of your clients in your specific niche. Follow the tutorial below to get each client setup.

Here’s how Jeremy sets each client up:

Step 1: Sign up for a Social Rotation Account

The first thing you will want to do is get signed up for a Social Rotation account. You can do this by going to

There are several pricing plans to choose from, and you will be tempted to go for the single location option, but to white label the software you will want to select the agency option.

Once logged in you will want to go to White Label Settings and then White Label from the left-hand menu.

Inside of the White Label Settings, you will start by choosing your top-level domain. This is the domain your clients will use to log into the software (if you choose to give them access). Then you will add your logo, email address, and mailing address, then hit the Update White Label Settings Button.

Next, click on Client Training from the left-hand menu. You will choose to either allow your clients to access the Social Rotation training or you can create your own training documents and videos and add the link to this area.

Then click on Order From Links from the left hand menu. Then you will add URL links to your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Earnings Disclaimer. If you do not have these, we recommend using to create them.

Lastly, we will create your order form links to send to clients to purchase your social media posting services by clicking on Subscriptions from the left-hand menu.

This subscriptions area works with Stripe. First, you will begin by adding your Stripe Publishable Key and the Secret Key. You will find these under the development area of your Stripe account. Then you will hit the Create Subscription Plan

To create a subscription plan you will name your plan, choose the amount you want to charge for this service, decide if you want to have a trial period and a trial price, choose your currency and what frequency you want these charges to have. You also have the option of using the pre-established bullet feature list or use your own.

Once you get the subscription set up, you will use the URL next to that subscription to send to your clients to purchase your services.

Once they have made the purchase, the system will automatically add them as a client location to your dashboard.

Step 2: Granting Clients access to Content Buckets

From the dashboard, you will choose Content from the left-hand menu and then choose Market Place. Scroll down until you find the Chiropractic content. You will find two different content packs to choose from. Click on the 'Click Here For Details' button.

Then you will choose to Claim this pack.

Then you will click on Purchased Buckets from the left-hand menu, then click the Create New Bucket button.

Click on the drop-down button to expand the Edit Item area and add your bucket name and hit the save button.

You can then grant access to your clients by clicking on the gray lock icon and selecting the business you wish to share this content with and hit the save button.

Step 3: Client Set up

Click on Client Locations from the left-hand menu. Then find your client and click on the Action drop down menu to the far right and then choose Login As. This will then leave your agency dashboard and take you to that client's dashboard.

Then you will click on Admin from the left-hand menu and then select your info. At the bottom of this page you will select the timezone your client is located within.

Next, you will choose Watermark in the left-hand menu. Click the green upload button and add your client's logo. We highly suggest you use a png file with a transparent background. Once you have added your logo you will adjust the Transparency and Scale so that it will fit within the white box in the upper right-hand corner. You can click to drag your logo to fit into that area.

Lastly you will connect your Social Media accounts by clicking on Social Networks from the left-hand menu. Click on the green connect button next to each account and follow the propmts with each platform. (Once you have connected Facebook you will see a toggle for Instagram.)

If you are an admin of your client's Facebook accounts you can do this for them or you can have your client's log into the account and connect the social accounts themselves. We highly recommend being an admin of their accounts to make this process seamless for your clients.

Step 5: Edit Content for Clients

Click on Content and then Prebuilt Buckets from the left-hand menu.

Then click on Create Bucket Ignore Scheduling. (Preserve Scheduling is only for date based content like National days or Holidays).

Click on the dropdown arrow to expand the Edit Market Item, add your bucket name and click the green save buttong.

You then can select a few other things to customize this content bucket.

A. You can click on the chat bubble icon to bulk edit all first comments. This will apply only to Facebook posts. This is a great place to add in web addressees.

B. You can choose the stamp icon to watermark all of the images in the content bucket. If the icon is in white it will add your logo to each image when it posts. If the icon is a light gray color, it will not add your logo.

C. You can click on the blue randomize button to shuffle all of the images in the bucket like a deck of cards. This is helpful when content has similar sets, it breaks those up so that they are not posted back to back.

You also have the option of editing the captions that are automatically added to each piece of content. You can do that by clicking on the edit button and changing the text. You also have the option of deleting any content that you do not want.

Step 6: Create a Schedule

Now we will schedule content by clicking on Scheduler and then Rotation from the left hand menu. Then clicking on the Schedule New Rotation Content button.

Then you will select which social network you want your content to go out to. Choose the content bucket you want this schedule to pull from. Then choose what day(s) of the week you want this schedule to go out on and what time of the day you would like it to go out on and finally if you would like to watermark the images with your logo.

You can create as many schedules as you would like. We recommend 2x a day every day.

Congratulations you have just scheduled all of your content for your client for the year. The software will run everything while you continue to collect your monthly fee.


I just showed you how Jeremy built a $2000+/month business by helping Chiropractors with the Spice up their Facebook pages. We walked through the method that he follows and why this is such an effective business model compared to what most new online entrepreneurs start with.

The next step is to get started. Go pick up Social Rotation and get started. From there, you can find all the clients you’ll ever need with a quick Facebook search (as we taught above)

To learn more about this model and how to execute it utilizing the Social Rotation platform, click here to schedule a one-on-one call with our team.

Three Keys To Conserving Valuable Time And Improving Productivity

Currently, many existing and newer digital agencies have been taking recognition of the opportunity to offer local businesses social media management as a valuable service. With over 90 percent of marketers now utilizing social media as a strategy to drive business, both businesses and agencies are starting to take advantage of this profitable approach to boosting sales. 

As an agency, offering a successful social media marketing strategy to businesses is a simple yet irresistible offer to clients who, if they are satisfied, will quickly turn into a recurring customer that understands the worth of your service. But, as you begin to build your offer and grow your consumer base, your agency is now responsible for the success of multiple businesses' social media marketing strategies.

Inevitably, most, if not all of these businesses will be different. That means they will also be unique in the factors that influence social media users, including specific tone and the intended target audiences. Ultimately, the outcome and projected success of their social media is not only up to your agency’s understanding of digital marketing, but also how you are able to execute a top quality service in an effective manner. 

From local businesses to the top digital marketing agencies, every business shares one of the worst competitors: time. Now, as an agency taking on local business’ social media management, your success is dependent upon both your execution of content ideas along with your level of productivity in your work and mastery in time management. And unfortunately, the more clients you take on, the more difficult and daunting this task becomes. 

In a study done recently on human productivity and context shifting, switching from one task to another can decrease productivity by about 80%. The opportunity to expand your agency’s client base in social media marketing is endless, but you must have a seamless and streamlined work process in order to optimally execute managing multiple businesses’ social media accounts. 

So how do you juggle your time as an agency effectively while providing an effective service to your clients now and as your business grows? 

Here Are 3 Strategies To Boost Productivity & Save Time While Providing Top Quality Social Media Management:  
1. Utilize a Platform With A Dashboard 

As with any kind of task, disorganization is the easiest way to lose valuable time and money. Assembling a system that keeps track of each client and their social media promotes a creative environment in which you can be productive in. Having a dashboard for the social media accounts you manage ensures that you do miss any deadlines and allows you to prioritize tasks you must complete. Furthermore, with a platform your agency uses, you can provide your clients the opportunity to log in to their own individual dashboard for their business under your agency’s. This structure allows businesses to view the future content you are posting on their pages, allowing them to be involved in the marketing process. Conceptually, utilizing a software that allows you to run all of the social media accounts you manage in one place provides your agency the space to be organized, methodical, and productive. 

2. Leveraging Proven Templated and Recycling Content 

The more social media accounts you take on for local business, the more unique content your agency therefore must create. Especially as a smaller or newer agency, producing various different ideas for multiple social media accounts and platforms can quickly become laborious. From first captions to staying up to date on social media trends, small aspects of each account can add up and take a good amount of time. 

Make the most out of templated content you can find for the niches and target audiences your client’s businesses fall under. Templated content will save your agency time in both the creative processes and, with the right content, can lead to a great outcome for the business if the content has been proven to work with their typical users. Along with content that is already done for you, recycling content is another key tip that allows you to repurpose previous work in a new way. Not only does this save your agency a significant amount of time, but it can also furthermore drive more traffic to that original piece of content. Templated content and the process of recycling old content in fresh ways is an essential chance your agency can be efficient in managing social media for your clients. 

3. A Hands Off System For Your Daily Tasks

Lastly, using a system that schedules social media content and posts them automatically is a huge game changer for any social media manager. Automation guarantees that each business’ posts are going out to all of their platforms at the exact time that they are supposed to. Furthermore, once you schedule the date and time the content will be posted to their social media, there is nothing else you have to do for those posts. Utilizing the scheduling process is another method of organization for your agency to manage social media accounts, especially as you continue to grow your consumer base. These smart ways of improving productivity gives your agency the opportunity to not only manage the accounts you do oversee successfully, but also allows room for your social media marketing services to expand even further to other potential consumers who are interested.   

Ultimately, although these tips are simple, they are crucial in conserving time and gives your agency the opportunity to work diligently. Under a unified, organized, and automated system, your business will thrive in managing any amount of social media accounts for local businesses in a successful manner that gives results. Apart from your agency operating efficiently, your clients will also begin to take notice in your process and its effective outcome on their business. Utilizing these essentials in managing any social media account for a business will allow your agency to work smartly, and indefinitely grow in success with the amount of clients you are able to take on and help with their social media marketing strategy.

To learn more about the productive strategies that help your agency balance managing dozens of clients, click here to schedule a free personalized demo with our Social Rotation team.

How To Create A Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy By Understanding Who Your Business' Best Consumers Are

When constructing and implementing a social media marketing strategy, the purpose is to get the potential consumers who engage with your brand to convert into sales and recurring customers for your business. Through social media, any business has the opportunity to illustrate their value to the type of consumers who need you most. However, the most successful businesses in the digital space are the ones who not only listen to their consumer base, but understand who they are specifically trying to market their services to. 

For example, think of a favorite business that you enjoy buying from and ask yourself a few questions: 

Based on how you answered those questions, you will notice that the most successful brands in digital marketing aim to specifically market to their target audience. By utilizing this knowledge of who their target audience is and focusing on their strategy with specific information about them, they consequently see the most return and success from the content they post on social media. 

Now, With This Idea In Mind, What Exactly Is A Target Audience? 

A target audience is a specific group of people that your business is trying to reach and influence on your business’ social media. These are typically the people who are the best potential consumers for your brand to convert into recurring customers. The target audience of a brand is most interested in the content a business posts, and furthermore the products and services that are offered. 

With this being said, focusing on your business’ target audience does not mean that the opportunity to sell to any type of consumer is not there. Rather, your social content will be the most successful in converting potential consumers by targeting those on social media who will inevitably be more inclined to engage with your business. The target audience of a business usually has similar characteristics such as demographics like age, and most importantly buying behaviors. Although creating content to only target a specific audience may seem extremely narrow, it will ultimately expand your social media reach. By targeting those most interested in your brand by creating content that speaks primarily to this audience, you will quickly build brand awareness, increase social engagement, create relationships with users through active interaction, and consequently generate more sales. Talking precisely to your best potential  consumers on social media will produce the best outcome for your business from your marketing strategy. 

As A Business, How Do You Find Who Your Specific Audience Is?  

When determining a target audience for a certain business, it starts with some research. The purpose of this marketing strategy is to connect and continue building your target audience, so you must reflect and understand who takes the most interest and absorbs the content best. 

The first step in finding your target audience is to look at your social media now and observe who actively engages the most, and what about them makes these people interested in your business. Another way to research your target audience as well is to find competitors’ social media similar to your own to see who is interacting with them, and what content is producing the most success on their page. When looking at another business’ social media page, it may be easier as an observer to see what visuals and language work from an outside view, rather than content produced from your own business. Getting an indication of what type of content works in producing engagement will give you a lot of information on your users and therefore who is your target audience. 

Some key characteristics to a target audience include their age, the times which they are on social media, specific pain points, and their purpose for taking interest in your brand. By taking some time to research your user’s demographics, you will easily see some patterns and specific demographics that your business typically speaks to. Taking the time to get to know your target audience and potentially some trial and error in producing content will guarantee you success in your social media strategy.

How Do You Utilize This Information About A Target Audience? 

After researching and understanding your business’ target audience, it is time to narrow in your social media strategy specific to them. To be the most successful in reaching this audience, you must first be active on the social media platforms they use the most. If you are posting on specific platforms that they do not spend time on, the content targeting them will essentially never be seen and completely miss the audience. Furthermore, when creating specific content, use and keep your research in mind. Your content should be similar to previous posts that they responded to the best and converts these potential buyers effectively into sales. It is crucial that this content speaks to your audience, and how your business is valuable to them. 

Social listening is a great example of how to continue speaking and building your business’ target audience. Although the initial research of figuring out your brand’s nice audience is, it is also important to continue researching and staying up to date with current trends on social media. By taking part in producing content that people are currently watching and listening to the most, you can easily reach and expand your target audience and consequently your conversion of sales. Types of social listening include keywords, hashtags, or just overall trends in relation to social media and current happenings in the world. The more interaction you can receive from your target audience, the more brand awareness, exposure, and success your social media marketing strategy will see. 

Focusing on your target audience in creating content as a business can be utilized as an extremely important aspect of a successful social media strategy to convert more potential consumers. 

There are also current marketing tools that help you immediately target your business’ audience successfully. Through platforms such as Social Rotation, you can access done-for-you content specific to your business’ niche that are proven to target and convert your audience. That way, you can indulge in immediate success on your social media by engaging with your best users rather than going through a period of trial and error with your content. 

To learn more about pinpointing your business’ target audience and how Social Rotation could help you increase brand awareness and sales simply through reaching your audience, click here to schedule a 1-1 call with our customer success team.

3 Tips That Will Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage  

To see if you are making these common mistakes, let's take a look at the social media platforms you currently use for your business.

When you look at them through the perspective of a potential new customer, do you think that it gives an accurate representation of your brand? And furthermore, would it intrigue you as a potential customer to learn more about what your business has to offer? 

Think of your social media as an extension of your business. It should accurately represent your brand’s voice and present what your business has to offer. Social Media marketing has become the most valuable tool for potential and recurring consumers to read, share, and discover your business’ products quicker than ever before. 

The digital age has become more effective than ever in converting sales for businesses. Take this opportunity to get a leg up against competitors on social media before your business gets left behind.

But, as a business owner, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where to start in terms of improving your social media. You may be wondering what the common mistakes are, and what steps to take to make the easy yet valuable fix.   

Here Are 3 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them On Your Business’ Social Media: 

1. Inconsistently Posting On Your Platforms 

Being consistent with posting content is one, if not the most essential piece to your success on social media. If you are not posting regularly, consumers cannot discover, share or take any interest in your brand, which is the purpose of social media for a business. Although staying active and consistent is continually talked about in the social media marketing space, most businesses fail to reach this benchmark. Social media is an extremely reputable marketing tool, but you must be consistent. One tip to stay active on your business’ social media is to create a daily schedule and automate your content. 

2. Failing To Reach Your Brand’s Target Audience  

Another avoidable mistake a lot of businesses make on social media is that they are posting consistently, however the content does not speak to their target audience of consumers. When you begin to post regularly, you unlock the opportunity to leverage social media as a listening tool; for example, what posts are your audience responding to the best? Which type of posts get the most engagement and interaction? A quick review of your social media will help reveal which content speaks specifically to the type of consumer you are targeting. In result, your business will see an exponential increase in engagement and consequently sales. Use their response as feedback to increase their curiosity in future content and interest in your brand.  

3. Not Planning Out Your Posts and Content 

By scheduling and devising a plan ahead of time for your content, you can easily avoid the first two mistakes discussed on your social media. Instead of having to remember to post or potentially having difficulty on creating content, planning out what you will post to social media ensures your business will never be inactive and gives you more time to evaluate how to further improve the type of content you generate for your audience. The goal of your accounts are to increase brand awareness, build relationships with consumers, provide valuable content, and present what your business can offer. With a clear strategy in place, you can utilize your social media in a way that can meet or exceed its full potential for your business. 

With these common mistakes in mind, your next move is to put a plan into place to improve your social media platforms. It will be worthwhile to work out your strategy and your execution of this plan quickly while also making small adjustments overtime. Dedicating this time will inherently give you an advantage on social media over other businesses who did not take this opportunity to better their strategy. 

Savvy business owners see this advantage in tools and services that fully automate their business’ social media by posting regularly on a schedule that is customizable for their target audience. Not only will they avoid these simple mistakes on social media, they have automated and a proven and effective strategy.  

To learn more about creating a marketing strategy that will give you an unfair advantage and dominate your competitors, click here.

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