How To
On today's Call we brought in Brad Spencer, of MeetRoost and Carbon Copy to come in and share with tips on selling and how to become a trusted advisor.
On today's Q&A Call Tabitha shared our Customer Appreciation Canva Templates and we went over how to troubleshoot if your content is not posting.
Today Tabitha reviewed last week's Landscaping pack and Showed how to Use Event Promotion Templates to go out and get clients.
Today Tabitha shared the all new Landscaping pack and taught how to customize it and upload it into the Social Rotation System. Plus she answered some great questions from our subscribers.
Today Tabitha shared with you How to connect your Instagram account to Social Rotation plus she shares new Canva Templates for Sales & Specials.
Discover new product features released by your Social Rotation team. Features like now being able to post to Instagram from the Social Rotation platform.
Today Tabitha shared with you How to create a Brand Board using our Canva Templates and answered all of your questions about Social Rotation.
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