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Hey there, Small Business Warriors!

At Social Rotation, we believe that small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. And what's a heart without a little pizzazz and a whole lot of personality, right? That's where we come in, and we've got some exciting news to share!

Introducing our latest game-changer, The Farmer's Dog Canva Template – a creative toolbox designed to supercharge your small business's visual identity. We know the challenges you face, from time constraints to budget concerns, but fear not! This new template is here to make your life easier, your brand more memorable, and your online presence simply amazing.

The Farmer's Dog Canva Template: A Visual Revolution for Small Businesses

  1. Simplicity Meets Creativity Who said you need a Ph.D. in design to create eye-catching visuals? With The Farmer's Dog Canva Template, simplicity reigns supreme. Whether you're a tech-savvy genius or just learning the ropes, our template's user-friendly interface allows you to craft stunning designs effortlessly. From social media posts that stop the scroll to captivating flyers for your next event, your creativity knows no bounds.
  2. Consistency Is the Name of the Game Remember that iconic logo from your favorite brand? Consistency is key to building a brand that sticks in people's minds. The Farmer's Dog Canva Template empowers you to maintain a consistent visual identity across all your marketing materials. With a wide array of customizable designs at your fingertips, your brand will shine brighter and more consistently than ever.
  3. Budget-Friendly Brilliance We get it – every cent matters when you're running a small business. That's why our Canva Templates, including The Farmer's Dog, are budget-friendly. We offer various pricing options, including a free version with a treasure trove of templates to kickstart your creative journey. Achieve visual greatness without emptying your wallet – that's the Social Rotation promise.
  4. Collaborate with Ease Teamwork makes the dream work, and small businesses thrive on collaboration. With The Farmer's Dog Canva Template, collaborating with your team members has never been simpler. Our real-time collaboration feature ensures everyone is on the same canvas, bringing your ideas to life faster and more efficiently.

Embrace the Canva Revolution

The Farmer's Dog Canva Template is more than just a design tool; it's your secret weapon for standing out in the crowded marketplace. Elevate your brand, attract more customers, and create a buzz with visuals that tell your unique story.

Ready to embark on this visual journey? Visit our website now to explore The Farmer's Dog Canva Template and witness the transformation it can bring to your small business. Don't let your brand blend in – make it pop with Social Rotation and Canva.

Your success is our success, and we're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is just a message away.

How to Access the Content

If you have a single-location Social Rotation account, log into your account. 

Click on Admin.

Click on Training.  You will find your new templates at the bottom of that screen.

If you have a Social Rotation Reseller account, log into your account. 

Click on Agency Training

Then click on Resources. Scroll down and you will see all of the Canva Templates we have available to you there.  

How to Edit Templates

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As the first quarter of the year comes to a close I wanted to share with you everything that has been added to Social Rotation in that short amount of time. 

First, let's go through the Done-For-You Content Packs that have been released as well as all of the Canva Templates you now have access to inside of Social Rotation as well as all of the new features added to the software.  

Every month Social Rotation add done for you Social Media Content to the platform. If you have a Social Rotation account, you get access to every single one of these content packs. Each pack starts at 50 images and goes up to 181 images. Social Rotation at the release of this blog post, has 62 done-for-you content packs. Below are our most recent content packs.

Done-For-You Content Added

Sometimes you need more than done-for-you content. Sometimes, you need custom content for your business or your specific event. That's where our Canva templates come into play. Each month we release 1-2 Canva templates that you can customize for your specific needs. Below is a list of the templates released the first quarter of 2022.

Canva Templates Added

We are continually making updates to our software to make it the best social media posting platform on the market. These new features make using the platform easier and make posting content faster and easier for you. Below are all of the added features in the first quarter of this year.

New Features Released

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