Set your Twitter Header Image 1. Open the Twitter Header Image Canva Template 2. Replace the Info in Pink with your Niche information and change the colors to match your brand. 3. Open your Twitter Account 4. Click on Profile  5. Click on Edit Profile 6. Click on the image icon and upload the image.  7. Update your Bio...
Set Instagram as a Business Account 1. Log into your Instagram Account 2. Click on your profile in the upper right hand corner 3. Click on Settings   4. Click on Switch to a Professional Account 5. Choose Business Connect your Instagram and Facebook Accounts together 1. Log into your Facebook Page 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on...
Set your Facebook Cover Image 1. Open the Cover Image Canva Template2. Replace the example logo with your own logo and replace the words ‘Chiropractic’ and ‘practice’ with your Niche. 3. Download the image as a png file.   4. Log into your Facebook Page. 5. Click on the edit button on the Cover Image.  6. Upload the photo...
You can now connect your Linked In Accounts to Social Rotation.
This week we have added the ability to edit your order form bullets and we have a fix for the small watermarks.
Our weekly software update!  We have been receiving a lot of feature and improvement requests. We love to see all of your requests to help improve Social Rotation to fit your digital agency. We take each request seriously and want to put it into effect as quickly as possible.  Our recent updates are listed below....

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