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Does Your Business Overlook Twitter In Its Social Media Marketing And Ad-Campaign Strategy?   

August 29, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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15 Twitter Statistics That Matter To Your Business’ Social Media Success

With digital spaces such as social media becoming one of the main ways of communication, especially over the past few years, Twitter has become the hub of news outlets and sourcing news. Since its original launch back in 2006, it has grown alongside its colleagues like Facebook and Instagram, and has become one of the top social media platforms in the world that users turn to for networking, entertainment, and of course news. 

But, despite being a huge channel for communication, Twitter is seemingly much less utilized by businesses in their social media marketing and building relationships with their consumers, comparatively speaking. Although you can always find larger chain businesses on the platform such as Amazon or Burger King, it is much more rare to find your smaller, local businesses on the app.

For most businesses, lack of time is usually the main factor as to why they are not present on Twitter, and instead stick to using only one social media channel. On the other hand, there are other businesses who could use Twitter, but ultimately do not see any return or benefits in being active on the platform. However, the idea that Twitter is only a news source, and not for business to consumer use, is actually a huge misconception. Just like other social media apps, Twitter is comparable in the success it can produce for businesses in their engagement, discoverability, and the undeniable potential in its users’ response to ad campaigns. 

So now you may be wondering, how can businesses like yours use Twitter to its greatest advantage in your strategy, and is it worth your time and investment to include this social channel into the list of places that you market your business in?  

We have Compiled 15 of the Most Essential Twitter Statistics, Ranging from User Behavior to Ad Campaigns, that Illustrate Its Comparative Value to Other Social Media Channels in your Business’ Marketing Strategy: 
Twitter Is Growing:
  • Twitter Has A Total of 396.5 Million Users.  
  • On Average, About 500 Million Tweets Are Tweeted Daily On The App. 
  • Users From the US Spend About Six Minutes Per Day on Twitter. 
  • Half of Twitter’s Audience Reads and Goes Through The News On Twitter On A Regular Basis. 
  • Twitter Continues To Grow, With Its Overall Revenue This Year Increased By Almost 18% Compared to 2021, and Is Expected To Grow its User Base By Another 1.6% By 2024. 
Limitless Potential In Being Discoverable: 
  • Twitter is The Number One Social Media Platform For Brand Interaction, Due to its Known Accessibility to Brands, Especially For Matters Such as Customer Support. 
  • 80% of Consumers on Twitter Actively Follow Brands that They Take Interest In.
  • Almost 20% of Users Aged 16-64 Use Twitter For Researching and Discovering New Businesses. 
  • 54% of the Audience on Twitter are More Likely to Purchase New Products From Businesses Than Any Other Platform or Channel to Buy Products. 
  • 77% of Users on Twitter Feel More Inclined To Invest in Brands that are “Community and Society Focused”, Meaning How your Business Supports its Community and Beyond, and Demonstrating your Brand’s Values and Ultimately Cares about Current Issues.  
Ad Campaigns on Twitter Produce Astounding Results: 
  • 26% of Users Spend More Time Viewing Ads on Twitter than Any Other Social Media Platform. 
  • Twitter Has Seen a 35% Year-Over-Year Increase in its Overall Ad Engagement. 
  • Twitter’s CPM (cost per thousand, aka the price of 1,000 impressions on your advertisement) is the Lowest Out of All the Major Social Media Apps at an Average of $6.40, Meaning it is Relatively Cheaper Yet Produce Equally Successful Results.
  • Twitter’s First View Feature, the Space Where Your Ad Can Show up on User’s Feeds as Soon as They Log-In to Twitter, Increases the Ad’s Video Viewing Time by Almost 1.5x Than Any Other Ad. 
  • Twitter’s ROI is 40% Larger Than Any Other Social Network, Meaning that Ultimately your Investment through Time and Effort Will be Worth the Results that the App Can In-Turn Generate For Your Business. 

Although the landscape of social media is always changing, and these statistics will most likely change over time, it is essential that your business understands the advantages of each network you are on or maybe not on yet, and how you can adapt your strategy based on current metrics. With most local businesses not even thinking about adding Twitter into their marketing and social media strategy, there is a huge window of opportunity for your business to target your audience and lead them all to your business’ page, without any competition. From the opportunity of greater discoverability due to users’ inherent behavior on the app, to undeniable results on Ad Campaigns that are worth far beyond their monetary price, Twitter provides both a network and endless opportunities for your business to be successful in your marketing endeavors.

To learn more about how to effectively market and run ad-campaigns on Twitter that will produce results and improve your discoverability, engagement, and overall success on social media for your business, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

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