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Essentials to Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts Effectively As A Smart Digital Agency

March 28, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Three Keys To Conserving Valuable Time And Improving Productivity

Currently, many existing and newer digital agencies have been taking recognition of the opportunity to offer local businesses social media management as a valuable service. With over 90 percent of marketers now utilizing social media as a strategy to drive business, both businesses and agencies are starting to take advantage of this profitable approach to boosting sales. 

As an agency, offering a successful social media marketing strategy to businesses is a simple yet irresistible offer to clients who, if they are satisfied, will quickly turn into a recurring customer that understands the worth of your service. But, as you begin to build your offer and grow your consumer base, your agency is now responsible for the success of multiple businesses' social media marketing strategies.

Inevitably, most, if not all of these businesses will be different. That means they will also be unique in the factors that influence social media users, including specific tone and the intended target audiences. Ultimately, the outcome and projected success of their social media is not only up to your agency’s understanding of digital marketing, but also how you are able to execute a top quality service in an effective manner. 

From local businesses to the top digital marketing agencies, every business shares one of the worst competitors: time. Now, as an agency taking on local business’ social media management, your success is dependent upon both your execution of content ideas along with your level of productivity in your work and mastery in time management. And unfortunately, the more clients you take on, the more difficult and daunting this task becomes. 

In a study done recently on human productivity and context shifting, switching from one task to another can decrease productivity by about 80%. The opportunity to expand your agency’s client base in social media marketing is endless, but you must have a seamless and streamlined work process in order to optimally execute managing multiple businesses’ social media accounts. 

So how do you juggle your time as an agency effectively while providing an effective service to your clients now and as your business grows? 

Here Are 3 Strategies To Boost Productivity & Save Time While Providing Top Quality Social Media Management:  
1. Utilize a Platform With A Dashboard 

As with any kind of task, disorganization is the easiest way to lose valuable time and money. Assembling a system that keeps track of each client and their social media promotes a creative environment in which you can be productive in. Having a dashboard for the social media accounts you manage ensures that you do miss any deadlines and allows you to prioritize tasks you must complete. Furthermore, with a platform your agency uses, you can provide your clients the opportunity to log in to their own individual dashboard for their business under your agency’s. This structure allows businesses to view the future content you are posting on their pages, allowing them to be involved in the marketing process. Conceptually, utilizing a software that allows you to run all of the social media accounts you manage in one place provides your agency the space to be organized, methodical, and productive. 

2. Leveraging Proven Templated and Recycling Content 

The more social media accounts you take on for local business, the more unique content your agency therefore must create. Especially as a smaller or newer agency, producing various different ideas for multiple social media accounts and platforms can quickly become laborious. From first captions to staying up to date on social media trends, small aspects of each account can add up and take a good amount of time. 

Make the most out of templated content you can find for the niches and target audiences your client’s businesses fall under. Templated content will save your agency time in both the creative processes and, with the right content, can lead to a great outcome for the business if the content has been proven to work with their typical users. Along with content that is already done for you, recycling content is another key tip that allows you to repurpose previous work in a new way. Not only does this save your agency a significant amount of time, but it can also furthermore drive more traffic to that original piece of content. Templated content and the process of recycling old content in fresh ways is an essential chance your agency can be efficient in managing social media for your clients. 

3. A Hands Off System For Your Daily Tasks

Lastly, using a system that schedules social media content and posts them automatically is a huge game changer for any social media manager. Automation guarantees that each business’ posts are going out to all of their platforms at the exact time that they are supposed to. Furthermore, once you schedule the date and time the content will be posted to their social media, there is nothing else you have to do for those posts. Utilizing the scheduling process is another method of organization for your agency to manage social media accounts, especially as you continue to grow your consumer base. These smart ways of improving productivity gives your agency the opportunity to not only manage the accounts you do oversee successfully, but also allows room for your social media marketing services to expand even further to other potential consumers who are interested.   

Ultimately, although these tips are simple, they are crucial in conserving time and gives your agency the opportunity to work diligently. Under a unified, organized, and automated system, your business will thrive in managing any amount of social media accounts for local businesses in a successful manner that gives results. Apart from your agency operating efficiently, your clients will also begin to take notice in your process and its effective outcome on their business. Utilizing these essentials in managing any social media account for a business will allow your agency to work smartly, and indefinitely grow in success with the amount of clients you are able to take on and help with their social media marketing strategy.

To learn more about the productive strategies that help your agency balance managing dozens of clients, click here to schedule a free personalized demo with our Social Rotation team.

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