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Evergreen Content And Its Use Within Any Business' Successful Marketing Strategy

September 12, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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What Is It, What Are Its Benefits, Tips on Generating It, and How Can It Be Leveraged in Driving Optimal Traffic Versus the Competition 

Recently, you may have heard buzzwords such as “evergreen content.” But what does this term actually mean, and is it any worthwhile looking into for your own business’ marketing?

What is Evergreen Content? 

Just like the evergreen tree, where its leaves are always green, evergreen content is a type of post that is always relevant and has no time frame. Rather than only staying relevant in accordance with a specific trend, its purpose is to be more sustainable and a piece of content that will always be interesting to your target audience. Evergreen content is highly valuable because it never loses traffic, as its topic is not time sensitive to any trend that could lose its relevance over time. 

This type of post can be greatly leveraged in your content marketing strategy, especially as a way to continually build guaranteed traffic to your page. Evergreen posts aim to provide content for searches that people will always look up and be interested in, so their relevance will never fade away with time. By utilizing keywords and strengthening the posts’ SEO, the better the content will consistently drive traffic overtime, as people continue to use these searches and discover your content easily. Additionally, the great thing about evergreen content is that you can put a lot of effort and time into them, ensuring they are quality posts without feeling like they are a waste of time after a specific industry or social media trend ends. Because of the specific topics that are considered evergreen, the beauty in this content is truly in the fact that it has no expiration date, and is a sustainable post for your business regardless of current trends.

Examples of Evergreen Content

To get your creative juices flowing, and give a better understanding of how evergreen content could look for your business, here are a few examples of ideas for posts that are considered evergreen: 

  • Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Industry Tips or How To’s
  • Articles Relating to your Industry, but NOT News or Trends 
  • Checklists 
  • Best or Worst Practices 
  • Lists and Top Tips 
  • Product Reviews 
  • Basic Concepts that Relate to your Business

Each piece of evergreen content that your business generates will continually build upon the layers of traffic that come to your page. It is important to note that quality is still key in evergreen content, especially because it will be continually looked at and engaged with the most. The content must ultimately provide value to your target audience and relate to your specific niche, just like any other content your business creates. Additionally, despite being evergreen, it is crucial to still monitor their metrics. The point of evergreen content is to draw in long-term traffic, so if it ceases to do well at some point, the piece is no longer evergreen. Watching how your content does allows you to adapt your strategy, and always build upon your approach for future content that will in turn be the most successful. Overall, writing in this format does not guarantee that your content is evergreen, nor that it will be immediately a hit compared to your non-evergreen content, but these starter ideas are a good foundation to start generating content that is sustainable and the most efficient. 

Examples of Content that are Not Evergreen 

In contrast, here are a few content examples that are not considered evergreen content: 

  • Product announcements 
  • Current News 
  • Seasonal or Holiday Content 
  • Trending or Time Sensitive Content 

A good rule of thumb when determining whether content is evergreen or not is to think about whether its topic will drop in interest or engagement over time. If there is a possibility its relevance could eventually go away, then that piece is not evergreen. Also, not every piece of content your business creates needs to be evergreen; producing trending content is an essential to any successful marketing strategy, and should not be suddenly ignored. But, in terms of creating some efficient pieces that will always drive traffic, some if your business’ greatest creative efforts should be put into evergreen content. 

Tips for Writing Evergreen Content 

1. Avoid Technical Language 

Stick with simple rhetoric that is easy for any consumer to understand, otherwise they may get confused or ultimately uninterested. Essentially, you want to write for beginners, so you cover all types of consumers in your audience with each piece of content, and do not miss any potential traffic simply because of your language. 

2. Narrow Your Topic 

The more general your content’s topic is, the more competition you will have for your content for driving your audience to your business versus someone else’s. With more general content ideas, your business runs the risk of losing readers this way as well because if you do, it may not be as valuable or interesting content to them. Additionally, how narrow your topic changes the keywords that you use, which could help or hurt the content’s SEO and consequently affects its success in driving content overtime. 

3. Optimize for SEO 

As stated previously, perfecting the SEO through keywords can be a crucial piece in increasing the effectiveness and overall longevity of your evergreen post. The better their SEO, the greater impact the content can make for as long as possible, to continue building upon those layers of traffic you are driving to your business with the evergreen content. 

4.  Repurpose Content 

Repurposing content is another great marketing strategy that can be utilized hand in hand with evergreen content that you generate. The recycling of older content can be a great way to make use of content that you have already created, whether it has done well or not so well in the past. Since the content is evergreen, the post is always relevant and can be posted more than once overtime, in order to continue doing its job as evergreen. Furthermore, based on how they did in the past, your business can always adapt it with an improved strategy, and repost again to perform better than it did the first time. To read more about the benefits of recycling content, visit our blog post on it here.

Social Rotation and Evergreen Content 

Did you know that within the Social Rotation, there is both existing evergreen content both already done-for-you, and easily accessible to create? 

With the Social Rotation platform, you can incorporate the use of evergreen content in a multitude of ways, all within a few simple steps. Here are just some of the ways Social Rotation gives your business the opportunity to indulge in the benefits of evergreen content: 

  • There is educational material within all of the content packs. Educational material is a type of evergreen post that is specific to your industry, and are always useful posts to drive traffic. Within Social Rotation, this evergreen content is already completely done-for-you and ready to post.  
  • Your business has the ability to share links into articles and turn them into postable content. Do you have an evergreen article in mind that you want to post on your social media? All you have to do is paste the link into Social Rotation, and a post with the article linked is generated for you and ready to be shared.   
  • Along with posting existing articles, your business can also utilize RSS feeds to generate podcasts into posts. Just post the link into Social Rotation and the platform does the rest for you to create postable content. 
  • New Onboarding! Social Rotation has recently come out with a new and even easier onboarding process for businesses to get started in only 4 simple steps. By choosing your niche, connecting your social media accounts, uploading your logo, and scheduling your first posts, your business’ social media page will be up and running through Social Rotation within minutes. Read more about our new onboarding process here.

To learn more about the benefits of evergreen content within your own marketing strategy and how Social Rotation makes creating sustainable content easier than even, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

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