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[Feature Update] Post Videos to LinkedIn Pages

May 18, 2023 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Last month we released the ability to connect to your LinkedIn Pages and today we are proud to release the ability to post videos to those LinkedIn Pages as well.

In order to post a video to LinkedIn you must first make sure you are connected to your LinkedIn page. You will do that by logging into your account, clicking on Admin, and then Social Networks.

Then you will click on the green connect button next to LinkedIn.

After you have followed the LinkedIn login prompt you will then select the page you wish to connect to from the drop-down menu and then hit Select Page.

Now that your LinkedIn page is connected, you will go to the Dashboard and upload your video.

First, click on Dashboard from the menu.

Then click on the upload button in the Create Post area. After that you will choose the video file you wish to add to your LinkedIn Page.

Once your video has finished uploading you can then add in your post text, choose which platforms you wish the video to go out to, and then when you want to post it. Now, schedule it for up to 7 days out or post it now.

And that's it. Posting videos to LinkedIn Pages or any other platform is super fast and easy.

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