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Claim the Digital Agency Pack from the Market Place

Download The Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:

Click on Content from the left sidebar, then click on Market Place from the drop-down.
Step 1 Content Marketplace

Step 2:

Scroll down until you see the Digital Agency Package and click on Click Here for Details button.
Step 2 Click Here For Details

Step 3:

Click on the Claim This Pack button.
Step 3 Claim This Pack

Step 4:

Click on Content from the sidebar and then click on Purchased Buckets.
Step 4 Content Purchased Buckets

Step 5:

Click on the Create New Bucket button.
Step 5 Create Bucket

Step 6:

Click OK.
Step 6 Click OK

Step 7:

Name the bucket whatever you would like. I would suggest Digital Agency Content. Then click the Save Changes button.
Step 7 Name The Bucket

Step 8:

Select the Click here to edit visibility link.
Step 8 Edit Visibility

Step 9:

Select your Agency Location to have visibility to this pack.
Step 9 Agency Location Access

Step 10:

Click on Client Locations from the sidebar.
Step 10 Client Locations

Step 11:

Click on the Action button next to your Agency Location and choose Login As.
Step 11a ActionStep 11b Login As

Step 12:

Click on Content and then Prebuilt Buckets
Step 12 Content Prebuilt Bucket

Step 13:

Click on the Create Bucket (Ignore Scheduling) button.
Preserve Scheduling only applies to date specific content like holidays.
Step 13 Create Bucket

Step 14:

Name the bucket then click the Save Changes button.
Step 14 Name Bucket Save Changes

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