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How to Register for Upcoming Calls

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Step 1:

Log into your Social Rotation account and click on the gray bell in the upper right-hand corner.
Register For Upcoming Calls 1

Step 2:

Here is where all upcoming calls and replay of calls will be housed. For any upcoming calls look for where it says LIVE with the date. Click on that one.
Register For Upcoming Calls 2

Step 3:

Click to see the call in your time zone. Fill in your name and email address and click Register.
Register For Upcoming Calls 3

Step 4:

Add the Call to your Calendar.

You will also get emails from us on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to remind you of the upcoming call. We will also post reminders in the Facebook group as well.
Register For Upcoming Calls 4

Step 5:

If you go to our Priority Support Facebook group and click on See All under Announcements, you will find upcoming calls and a replay of the call from the week before.
Register For Upcoming Calls 5

Step 6:

You will see a post with a registration link. You can also register for the call from here as well.
Register For Upcoming Calls 6

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