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How to Watch a Weekly Q&A Call Replay

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Step 1:

Log into your Social Rotation account and click on the gray bell in the upper right-hand corner.
Register For Upcoming Calls 1

Step 2:

Here is where all upcoming calls and replay of calls will be housed. For any upcoming calls look for where it says REPLAY with the date. Click on that one.
Watch A Call Replay 2

Step 3:

You will be on the replay video page. You will find the video at the top and all links and templates below.
Watch A Call Replay 3

Step 4:

If you go to our Priority Support Facebook group and click on See All under Announcements you will find upcoming calls and replay of the call from the week before.
Watch A Call Replay 4

Step 5:

Look for the one that has REPLAY on the image. You will find a link to the replay here as well.
Watch A Call Replay 5

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