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Set Up Client Training

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Step 1:

Click on White Label Settings from the sidebar, then click on Client Training.
Step 1 Client Training

Step 2:

Inside any of your client locations, there is a section where your clients will be able to see a training area for them.
Step 2a Client Location Training
You can choose to use our already created training (shown in the example above), upload your own training, or have no training at all.

To preview what our training looks like, click on each of the links below:
How to set up your user info and connect to your social accounts
How to create a Content Bucket
How to Create a Rotation based Content Schedule
How to Create a date based Content Schedule

To upload your own content you will add your link to the Client Training page inside your agency Dashboard.
Step 2b Client Training Switch
If you choose to turn off the default training and you do not add your own link this is what your clients will see in the training area.
Step 2c No Training

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