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Step 1:

Click on Admin from the left sidebar.
Step 1 Admin

Step 2:

Click on Your Info under Admin in the left sidebar.
Step 2 Your Info

Step 3:

Click on Connect Your Facebook Account!
Step 3 Connect Facebook

Step 4:

Click on Continue as Yourself from the Facebook pop up.
Step 4 Continue

Step 5:

Choose which page you want to connect to Social Rotation. And then hit the next button.
Step 5 Choose FB Page

Step 6:

Select Done.
Step 6 Done

Step 7:

Than select OK.
Step 7 OK

Step 8:

Then Choose the business you want to connect from the dropdown menu. Then hit the Update info button.
Step 8a Choose Business
You will then see your Facebook Profile Image in the upper left-hand corner.
Step 8b Success

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