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This will most likely happen if you already have other accounts connected inside of Social Rotation. To go in and manually connect your account through Facebook you need to do the following.
Step 1: Log into your Facebook account. Then select the dropdown arrow in the upper right-hand corner.
Troubleshooting 1-1
Step 2: Select Settings and Privacy.
Troubleshooting 1-2
Step 3: Select Settings.
Troubleshooting 1-3
Step 4: Select Business Integrations
Troubleshooting 1-4
Step 5: Select view and edit next to the Social Rotation App.
Troubleshooting 1-5
Step 6: Select the Page that you are wanting to connect to Social Rotation.
Troubleshooting 1-6
Depending on how many files you are uploading at once, it can take a few minutes for it all to show in your bucket. We do have an area where you can view if your content has completed processing.
Click on the click here to view the status link.
Troubleshooting 2-1
Check under status and that will tell you if your content has finished.
Troubleshooting 2-2
Most likely it is because you have not saved your time zone in your Admin Settings.
Step 1: Click on Admin on the left sidebar.
Step 2: Choose Your Info.
Step 3: Choose the timezone that your business is located in.

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