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How Resellers Activate Done-For-You Content

Step 1:

Log in to your account and click on 'Content Buckets'.

Step 2:

Scroll through the available content by click on the arrows on either side of the available content. 
You also have the option of selecting searching for a specific content bucket via the search bar. 

Once you find the content bucket you would like to use, click on 'Activate Content'. 

Step 3:

Once you have Active Content, you will want to select which of your locations has access to use that content.  You will do that by clicking on the blue pencil below the image then selecting which location you want to grant access to.  

Step 4:

Now you will want to make sure the location you just granted access to can schedule content from an Active Content Bucket.  You will do that by clicking on Locations in the sidebar, then from the drop down options, select 'Login As'. 

Step 5:

Once you are logged into the Location, you will want to click on Content Buckets from the sidebar.  Then you will select the 'Activate Content' button from the Available Content.  
Once you have completed these steps, your location will be able to schedule content from that Content Bucket.

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