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How to Boost Agency Revenue By Offering White Label SaaS To Your Clients

February 28, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Creating A Powerful Offer To Sell To Local Businesses

It is no secret that in digital marketing, social media has quickly erupted into the most effective strategy for a business to not only generate leads, but engage consumers in a way that continually keeps them coming back.

With so many options available, why aren't more businesses leveraging these platforms?

Ultimately, it comes down to time. There are only so many hours in a day. Coming up with content that is captivating and successful can be extremely exhausting and time consuming, even as an agency. Though most businesses try to spend only 15 minutes a day on content, 43% spend up to 75 minutes per day on their social media marketing. And with a limited level of expertise in creating a successful digital marketing strategy, most small businesses will consequently give up on social media and stop posting. Now, when consumers are looking in the area for a small business with their type of services, they will think that they may be closed due to their inactivity, and move on to find another business.

This is where your agency comes into play, positioned to help them thrive.

As an agency, you provide products and services to local businesses that they cannot do on their own. You probably are used to marketing to a specific niche, constantly creating new offers that cater to their pain points and places that they could potentially improve their lead generation and revenue. As mentioned before, even as an agency, creating content takes a massive amount of time.

Offering multiple full scale services to keep recurring clients is hard, especially when the service involves content. But what if you could create an offer that not only could be utilized by any type of niche or business, but also generates hands off profit continuously with a great product you do not even have to build… 

Through white labeling a SaaS platform, you can leverage an enterprise level platform to generate an irresistible offer for your clients that not only requires minimal support on your end, but also further solidifies your relationship with your client since it is branded to your agency.

So, What Exactly is a White Label? 

In short, a white label is a license that allows you to leverage a platform and label using your own brand to be sold to any a local business. This solution affords you the opportunity to have a fully developed and supported offer that you pay a small fee to use in comparison to what the build and support costs would be if you were to fully create an offer yourself. As an agency, your expertise is to find, close, and fulfill for you clients. White label solutions give your agency the opportunity to utilize product and immediately start offering it to local businesses under your brand.

At Social Rotation, we offer a white label solution that ensures agencies under our platform can offer Done-For-You content that is posted and rotated to their clients' social media platforms. There is no easier way to get your foot into the door than using a proven model and platform.

As an agency, you set your own prices for access the “software”, and can offer it as a stand alone product, or bundled with other services you offer.

How is White Labeling Useful To You as an Agency? 

By utilizing the white label model, you are expanding your revenue as a business without having to actually generate more products. Not only does your offer save local businesses a lot of time by not having to create content from scratch, but it also spares your agency a lot of time because you are selling white labeled content with your logo on it.

White labeling can be done to products such as email marketing, social media posts, and website design. This offer from your agency gives small businesses the opportunity to continually build brand awareness, guarantees their content is always in front of their target audience, and builds them a social media platform that drives consumers to their business.

Where Can You Find SaaS To White Label And Sell To Small Businesses As Your Own? 

By now you are most likely considering white labeling a platform that you can offer as a way to generate additional revenue for your agency.

Here at Social Rotation, we offer a powerful, yet affordable solution that is the perfect fit for agencies looking to rapidly expand their service offerings. You can quickly boost revenue by offering our service to your current client base, or leverage a trial offer to make those first steps with new clients.

Every new agency account includes a certification program to ensure you fully understand the platform, implement it comprehensively for your agency, and can speak knowledgeably about the platform to your clients. Social Rotation provides your agency a platform to access completely unbranded content, and turn it into your own to offer to your local businesses who need your assistance in social media marketing. You sell the service as your own in every sense, from the content to your agency branded dashboard and client interface.

We provide a range of different templates, including specific packs for holidays and almost every local niche you can think of. All you have to do is put your logo on and sell it.

To Learn How To Leverage Social Rotation As A White Label SaaS To Boost Revenue For Your Agency, Click Here

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