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How To Combine Packs to Make an Ultimate Social Posting Content Pack In Social Rotation 

October 10, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Highlighting Social Rotation’s Newest Feature And Why Your Business Should Be Taking Advantage Of It In Your Social Media Marketing  

Every business strives to have relevant and engaging content that relates to their specific niche. 

But how many different types of content does your business intentionally utilize to drive the most users to pay attention and take interest in your social media page? 

There are many different types of content, apart from your typical niche content, that any kind of business can utilize to further engage and build relationships with their target audience. From user-generated content to educational, there are endless opportunities when it comes to creating content that not only relates back to your brand, but is constantly fresh and interesting to your consumers. To see the top 10 types of content your business can create on its social media page and each of their benefits, view our previous post on it here.

As a business, building content that is diverse and engaging is only one of many aspects to executing your overall strategy on social media. From staying consistently active on all of your business’ pages to keeping everything organized and scheduling content on the back end, there are many moving pieces to running your social media that can easily slip through the cracks. Although Social Rotation has always been there for your business to provide opportunity for efficiency and success through done-for-you content, we have now advanced a step further to ensure your social media sees the most growth within our software’s hands.  

Ready to hear about Social Rotation’s new opportunities to take your strategy to the next level, and to see your business’ potential come to fruition? 

Introducing Social Rotation’s Newest Feature: the ability to combine the done-for-you content to make an ultimate custom pack that satisfies all your business’ needs and goals social media!

The Benefits of Combining Social Packs In Social Rotation: 

1. Streamlining Your Content Process, From Creation To Posting. 

Ever get lost in your social media strategy, from planning different types of posts to even just staying organized or on top of things? With this new feature, your business has the ability to access all of your potential content in only one place. Now when it comes to planning and scheduling content, not only is the content already done-for-you, but your business can see and schedule everything for your social media accounts in one place. 

2. A Social Media Pack Custom To Your Business.  

When creating this ultimate content pack for your business, you can add whatever and however many content packs you want that align with your business’ goals and strategy on social media. Not only can you combine these different categorical packs, but your business also has the ability to delete specific posts that may not fit well on your social media, and even add more content that you customize yourself through Canva or Giphy. Your business can pick through all the done for you content as you please, and create the perfect schedule on content that matches your marketing strategy and will bring your business the best results on social media.

3. Checking Off All of Your Boxes, Without Having to Think About It. 

There are a lot of components to your social media strategy, including the utilization of different types of content to provide value to your users and social media overall. But, with all of these moving parts, aspects such as diversifying your page or posting specifically types of content can easily get lost and forgotten about. Although adding motivational or user-generated content may be small pieces to your social media, they are still relevant to your business and can ultimately provide an equal amount of success compared to your more niche specific posts. 

To see results and exceed your business’ full potential on social media, it is important that none of the pieces of your social media strategy are being left behind. By adding all types of content into one social media pack in Social Rotation, it ensures that your business is not just putting out one type of content and will continue to engage users in a way that gets them to stop scrolling and take action within your business. From content that is done-for-you to combining content packs, Social Rotation handles the bulk of the time and effort it would usually take your business to execute these aspects of your marketing strategy on social media, leaving you with only customizing and scheduling it. 

Here is an example within the Social Rotation dashboard of what combining multiple done-for-you content packs can look like. This photo has put together niche content for a spa, the engagement pack, and both of the motivational content packs from Social Rotation into one full pack to utilize and schedule out. The current layout was customized after by editing out posts that were not relevant to a massage spa’s target audience, as well as building out an even spread to ensure that one type of content was not dominating their social media more than another. Combining these packs into one guaranteed this business’ social media to be consistent, balanced, and ultimately successful in their marketing endeavors on social media.  

How To Combine Social Rotation’s Done-For-You Content All Into One Pack:  

Want to dive in and learn how to create your own ultimate content pack?

Follow these simple FOUR steps to get started: 

  • Step One: Search the done-for-you packs available and find types of content that your business is looking to post on its social media pages.
  • Step Two: Activate the Content! For the first pack you add, you must activate this bucket in order to add more content to it later. 
  • Step Three: Discover all of the content packs you want to include in your ultimate pack, and add them by clicking the “Add To Existing Content” Button. Your business has the ability to add as many packs as you want, as well as build as many combined buckets as you desire to create and tinker with for your social media.
  • Step Four: Customize it to fit your business’ needs, and schedule away! 

With only these four steps, Social Rotation has your business on its way to posting consistent and diverse content that provides your business opportunities for higher engagement, discoverability, and growth on social media.

Ultimately, with over 80 different buckets of content to choose from, the potential is endless in taking advantage of this new feature on Social Rotation. From harvesting the benefits of diverse content to simply keeping your social media content on track and organized, having the ability to combine packs of content can provide a lot of value to your business’ execution strategy for its social media marketing. Along with these benefits, implementing an ultimate pack into your strategy not only takes 4 easy steps, but takes the majority of the work and time invested completely off your hands and already done-for-you by the Social Rotation software. Take advantage of this new feature and the opportunities that come with it now to ease your social media load as a business owner while still producing effective results that effortlessly beat out all of your local competitors.

To learn more about how to take advantage of Social Rotation's newest content pack feature and grow your social media through incorporating different types of content, click here to start a 7 day free trial.

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