How to Setup and Connect Stripe to Your Agency Package

Let’s take a look at how to set up and connect Stripe to Social Rotation so that you can start creating your subscription plans. Inside Stripe, you will be setting up your business information and linking your bank so it can deposit your funds directly to your bank account. Watch the video above to show you how to connect stripe and what you will need to set up your business within Stripe.

Step 1: Sign up for a Stripe Account if you do not already have one.

Step 2: Select Get Started in Minutes.

Step 3: Create your Stripe account by adding your name, email address, and password selection. 

Step 4: You will not be able to add your Business Information until you verify your account from the Email Stripe sends you.  

Step 5: Open the email from Stripe and click on the verify email address button. 

Step 6: Select Activate your account in the left-hand dashboard. 

Step 7:  Fill in all of your business details in the tell us about your business section. 

Step 8: From the Dashboard Select Get your API Key. 

Step 9: If you do not see get API key from the dashboard, you can go to Developers in the left-hand sidebar and choose API key from there. 

Step 10: Copy your API Publishable Key.

Step 11: Log in to your Agency Dashboard in Social Rotation.  

Step 12: Click on White Label Settings on the left-hand sidebar. 

Step 13: Click on subscriptions. 

Step 14: Paste your API Publishable key in the designated area.  

Step 15: Go back to your Stripe Dashboard and copy your Secret Key. 

Step 16: Go back to your Agency Dashboard in Social Rotation and paste your Stripe Secret Key. 

Step 17: Hit the Submit button and make sure you see that it was successfully added up top.  

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