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The Benefits Of Incorporating Social Media Holidays Into Your Business' Digital Marketing 

June 13, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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How To Boost Your Social Media Through Creatively Simple Content 

Did you know that today, June 13th, is National Weed Your Garden Day? 

In fact, there is actually a National Holiday almost everyday out of the calendar year. Apart from the typical annual times of the year such as Easter and Christmas that most people associate with the word “Holiday”, there are also different months, weeks, and even days that exist as a recognized period of observance. Some of these holidays are recognized worldwide such as Black History Month or National Entrepreneurship Week, others are specific to a country like Independence Day in the US, or they may simply exist within social media, like National Weed Your Garden Day. 

But what do these seemingly random Social Media Holidays have anything to do with your business’ marketing strategy? 

Social Media Holidays can be utilized on your business’ social media not only as content, but also as a new avenue to boost engagement and connect with consumers on your page. This content gives your business an opportunity to create easy, educational, and interesting posts that can be related to your business and topics your niche audience is interested in. Although you do not have to post every single National Holiday, find observance days that relate to your business and turn it into fun and effective content. National Holidays allow your business to communicate information to your new and existing consumers in a new and creative fashion.  

The best part about creating content around Social Media Holidays is the simplicity of it. You can generate loads of content that is interesting to your consumers in a small amount of time;  the concept is already there, it just needs to be formulated into a social media post and put on your business’ schedule to be uploaded on that specific day. Additionally, creativity with these posts can also expand within the mode of content you utilize apart from simply a static post, such as a short video or even gifs. Social Media Holiday content can be leveraged to increase brand awareness and drive wider audiences to your business, as these National Holidays all have social media hashtags that are utilized for that specific day. This type of content on your business’ social media is one of the fastest posts to generate that will improve your discoverability and boost engagement on your page. 

National Holiday content also helps build your business voice on social media by going outside the scope of talking solely about your brand and its products. By taking part in current trends or conversations on social media, such as difference awareness months or observance days, you can amplify your business’ voice as a brand, its authority online, and your overall visibility based on engagement with the post. Furthermore, there is also opportunity with Social Media Holiday content to incorporate various giveaways or promotions based on a specific observance day or appreciation week. Promotions related to these observance days can in result increase brand loyalty with your consumers, and also creates incentive to interact in some manner with your business’ post and page. 

Here Are Some Of The National Holidays Coming Up For The Rest Of June: 
  • National Flag Day - June 14
  • National Fudge Day - June 16 
  • National Eat Your Vegetables Day - June 17
  • National Kissing Day - June 22
  • National PTSD Awareness Day - June 27
  • National Social Media Day - June 30

Click here to see all June National Holidays.

For the entire list of observance months, weeks, and national days throughout the entire year, click here.

Social Rotation Does It All

With Social Rotation, your business has access to buckets of done-for-you templated content, including Holiday and National Days posts. Not only through the Social Rotation software is the conceptual idea of the post already formulated, but there is existing content for each National Holiday out of the year ready to be scheduled and posted to your business’ social media page on that day. With the work of creating the content already done, there is no need for a Social Media Holiday calendar, or even setting aside extra time to build out content for your social media. Along with general Holidays and National Holidays celebrated in the United States, Social Rotation also offers buckets of content for National Holidays in Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. Social Rotation gives your business the opportunity to spend minimal time on creating beneficial types of content such as Social Media Holidays, while still getting optimal success from this aspect of your marketing strategy. 

To get more information on the Social Media Holidays or how to utilize Social Rotation to your business' greatest advantage, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team. 

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