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Current Instagram Features And Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Know In 2022

May 2, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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What To Watch And How To Utilize These Trends To Your Business’ Greatest Advantage In Your Social Media Strategy

If there is one thing that will certainly kill a business’ social media strategy, it is when they are not being active and also consistent within the trends of social media. As the digital landscape is always in flux, it is crucial that businesses do not stay stagnant in their type and delivery of content. Otherwise, they will no longer be relevant in the cycle of social media trends that their users are currently following. Although your brand’s voice and content on social media should be specified to your business, staying up to date with the general trends of a digital platform will further drive more potential consumers, make your business more discoverable, and ultimately boost your revenue. 

Since its original launch back in 2010, Instagram has become the second biggest social media network in the world, with over a billion monthly active users. In its rise throughout the digital age as a popular social media platform, countless features and trends have circulated through the app over the years. Despite these trends seemingly coming and going in the blink of an eye, each one continues to bring more opportunities for businesses to utilize them in a way that furthers the success of their marketing efforts. The quicker that businesses can adapt themselves in accordance with these trends, the greater response you will consequently see in how your content performs. 

With your relevancy to users on Instagram directly correlated to how you make use of the digital network, it is necessary to incorporate the most up to date trends within your business’ content for the greatest return. In this post, we have compiled and categorized the trends that are currently making the biggest ripple for businesses on the app this current year. 

Instagram Is One Of The Most Business Oriented Digital Networks 
  • Instagram has the best interaction rates between businesses and users compared to any other type of social media.
  • 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one business. 
  • 83% of people utilize Instagram specifically for product discovery.
  • Furthermore, 75% of those users actually take action by interacting with and purchasing from the business after finding them on the social media platform. 
Promoting Engagement From Users Just Within A Post 
  • Carousel posts, aka posts with multiple photos, produce the highest engagement rates on the app.
  • Incorporating at least one emoji in your Instagram post or caption can promote interaction from users by 50%.   
  • The length of the captions for your posts do not affect engagement. But, the more attention grabbing the content of the captions are, the better interaction you will see with the post.
Instagram Stories And The Features Within Them 
  • Stories currently generate about a quarter of Instagram’s ad revenue. 
  • One third of the most viewed Instagram stories are from businesses alone. 
  • Among all types of accounts, stories specifically from brands on Instagram have an 86% completion rate from their users.
  • 58% of users say they are more intrigued by a brand after viewing their content in the format of a story.  
  • 57% of users like seeing polls and quizzes from brands on their Instagram stories. 
  • 80 percent of Instagram users like watching livestreams as a form of content from businesses. 
  • With Instagram stories, you also have the option to make them permanent on your business’ page as a highlight. Highlights are an incredible tool to showcase and utilize content you put on your business’ story, even after they expire. Your highlights live at the top of your profile and can be organized however you want, making another accessible way for visitors to learn about your brand and what it has to offer them as a potential consumer.
Instagram’s Newest Feature - Reels 
  • Instagram Reels, despite being the most recently added feature, has quickly become a key cornerstone on both the platform and specifically for business’ marketing strategies. 
  •  9 out of 10 users watch Instagram videos weekly from businesses. 
  • Reels get 22% more engagement than regular video content on Instagram. 
  • Instagram has now become a main outlet for video content and marketing, as they are starting to prioritize videos over photos in their algorithm.  

Although it can never be predicted which trends and newest features are next, it is essential for a business on social media to understand that incorporating trends is a user-oriented advantage that will always lead to positive outcomes. From the business-oriented community of the platform itself to the basically built-in marketing features, Instagram provides both a network and endless opportunities for your business to promote itself and be discoverable to your potential consumers. Watching and utilizing these trends will not only give your business the ability to implement your social media strategy through different approaches, but also in a way that effectively guarantees the most success.

To learn more about how to further expand the potential reach of your marketing on social media by emphasizing the current trends within your strategy, click here to book a personalized demo with our team.

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