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Leveraging User-Generated Content For Your Business’ Social Media And Marketing Strategy

July 5, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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How The Benefits Of Customer Testimonials Should Not Be Overlooked In Your Digital Marketing 

What is User-Generated Content 

What business would not take advantage of creative social media content that is already done for them? 

User-Generated content is exactly what the phrase sounds like. UGC is original and brand specific content that is not created by the business, but instead generated by the people who love your business the most, your consumers. Any form of content that is made by consumers can be utilized by the business in a multitude of ways, including videos, images, and first-hand product reviews. With consumers constantly creating and relying on reviews to make a decision on a purchase, sharing what consumers have to say about your products or services can boost your business’ social media strategy and have a positive impact throughout all channels that the UGC is shared. 

From customer testimonials, product reviews, to simply videos or images of consumers with the products, the creativity for User-Generated content is limitless. Furthermore, even if your business cannot find already existing content from consumers to use, this content can easily be requested by your business. Posting the experiences consumers have had with your business’ products or services on social media drives a multitude of benefits for your business that would otherwise potentially be lost. 

The Importance of Utilizing UGC, Such As Customer Testimonials

Apart from having social media content that is essentially done for you and ready to post, there are many other benefits that come along with incorporating User-Generated content into your business’ social media marketing strategy. 

Here Are A Few Of The Benefits That Any Type Of Business Will See On Their Social Media After Utilizing UGC: 

  • UGC, such as customer testimonials, gives consumers the unique opportunity to support a brand that they like. 
  • Sharing reviews from loyal consumers who like your brand could drive potential consumers to make a decision on whether to invest in your business based on other consumers’ past experiences. Seeing real consumers with your products and what they have to say about them simplifies the decision for the potential consumer, and could consequently boost your conversion rates on social media. 
  • One of the best parts about User-Generated content is that not only does your business not have to take part in a create process, as most businesses do to generate high quality content, but UGC is original and extremely authentic to your business. UGC’s high quality and authentic nature therefore also builds authenticity for your business and brand authority on social media. 
  • Allowing your followers to see what real consumers have to say about your business’ products or services builds trust and community on the social media platforms your business is active on. 
  • Adding customer testimonials to your business’ rotation of social media content opens the door of communication for the consumer and gives them the opportunity for them to interact with your business, ask any questions that they may have, and then ultimately make a decision about your products or services. 
  • Lastly, User-Generated content is simply engaging. Not only is this type of content fun and interesting for your consumers, but as a business UGC can exponentially boost your engagement on social media and drive new traffic to your business. 
UGC Tools For Your Business 

Although the concept of User-Generated content is simple, there are tools out there that can help formulate customer testimonials into postable content and make the process even simpler for your business. Social Rotation provides templated content that is already done-for-you, where all your business has to do is insert the quote or content that you want to utilize as UGC, upload it to your dashboard, and schedule it to be posted on all of your business’ social media platforms.

Furthermore, this software additionally allows your business to completely customize the way your UGC looks, with direct access and uploading straight from Canva back to your Social Rotation dashboard. There are an infinite number of templates that your business could choose from, or you could even utilize Social Rotation’s templates for Canva to create UGC that perfectly fits your business. Taking advantage of the benefits of customer testimonials and User-Generated content has never been easier than through the Social Rotation platform. 

To learn more about User-Generated content and how Social Rotation could streamline your business' content creation process, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

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