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Linked-In Statistics That Your Business Can't Ignore

July 25, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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17 Statistics Your Business Must Know About The App In 2022

When talking about Linked-In as an app, most people are led to believe that its only purpose is to foster networking and professional connections between businesses and employees. But this is actually far from the truth. Linked-In has become one of the best social media apps to find valuable content and connect not only consumers to businesses, but also B2B. 

Although many businesses are on Linked-In to connect with potential employees, most of them actively miss the posting content and special organic reach aspect of the platform. Just like other social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, Linked-In is yet another digital space to expand your business’ reach and launch successful campaigns. 

But with a platform like Linked-In, where do you start with your business to implement it into your social media marketing strategy, and are the results even worth the work?

We have compiled 17 of the most essential statistics regarding Linked-In, and the unique ways it can boost your business’ digital  marketing strategy: 

Linked-In Is Comparable To Other Social Media Platforms 
  • There are 830 Million Members on Linked-In. 

Although this number is much smaller than other social media apps such as Facebook, Linked-In is still an active platform with opportunities for businesses to grow their discoverability and consumer base. 

  • 58 million companies are on Linked-In. 

Many companies utilize Linked-In to connect with current and potential employees. Whether your business exists on the platform or not already, this platform provides access to many different types of connections, such as to employees of yours, consumers, and other businesses. 

  • 49 million people use Linked-In to search for jobs each week.

Linked-In is special because it is thought of as a professional platform, so it is most typically utilized to discover and scope out jobs. If your business is looking to hire new employees, this network is a great place to connect with potential candidates. 

  • There are almost 3 million Linked-In groups. 

Did you know that just like Facebook, you can create groups on Linked-In? These groups are a great way to create direct access to employees/consumers, as well as foster communication with your business and other employees and/or consumers in the group.

  • Linked-In is rated as the most trusted social media platform. 

According to a recent survey, Linked-In is actually rated as the most trusted social media app. From its professional environment to networking capacity, it is seen as a credible and reliable digital space for users, making it an easy platform to convey your contents’ messages to their target audience.  

A Platform That Produces Valuable Results 
  • Employees are 14x more likely to share content from their employers than other content on LinkedIn.

Linked-In has proven to be the best way to not only connect with your employers, but also engage with them on social media. There are no other platforms that mimic this kind of behavior between businesses and employees, and gives your business the ability to further build positive relationships with your employees through digital spaces. 

  • 4 out of 5 people on Linked-In “drive business decisions” in some form or other. 

This statistic demonstrates that Linked-In has one of the highest quality audiences out of all social media platforms. Since Linked-In is also a job networking platform, your business has the ability to target audiences based on both demographics and their job, leading you even closer to pinpointing your buying audiences. 

  • Businesses get 2-3x lift in brand attributes when advertising on Linked-In.

Due to the fact that your business can target buying audiences so well, it consequently also increases the overall impact and success that your ads have on the platform. 

  • Brands have seen a 33% increase in an intent to purchase from their ad exposure on Linked-In.  

From high quality audiences to pinpointing those who are driven to act on business the most, it is no surprise that brands have an increased response on Linked-In to their ad campaigns and their success in driving more sales. 

  • Businesses who have a complete and active Linked-In Page see 5x more page views than those who are not consistently active on the app. 

Just like every other social media platform, consistency is a main key factor in success. From communicating with users regularly to posting engaging content, being an active brand comes in many different forms on social media. Although staying consistently active can be a lot of work for business to keep up with, its resulting success is worth the effort to implement into your marketing strategy. 

Engagement, Leads, and Sales 
  • Marketers have found almost 2x higher conversion rates on Linked-In. 

With higher quality leads, comes a higher percentage of conversion. Users on Linked-In are receptive to your content, and based on the nature of the platform are ready to act on your business if they take interest. 

  • 30% of engagement on Linked-In comes from the business’ employees.

This high statistic is not surprising, since Linked-In is the main social media avenue where the communication between businesses and employees takes place. With high engagement rates from employees, it is great to keep them in mind when thinking about what type of content to incorporate into your strategy. 

  • Linked-In posts with images get 2x higher engagement.

The more eye-catching your post, the better. Linked-In is no different than other social media when it comes to the type of content that gets your target audience to stop scrolling and engage with your content. 

  • Businesses that post weekly on Linked-In see a 2x higher engagement rate. 

Like any social media platform, consistency is essential. Without consistent posts, your audience is left wondering if you are active, or possibly even still open. Posting consistently keeps them engaged, interested, and eager to see your upcoming posts. 

  • 40% of B2B marketers said that Linked-In is the most effective channel for driving high-quality leads out of all social media apps. 

This is huge! After all the work you have put into your marketing strategy to drive more leads to your business, it would be crazy not to add Linked-In into your list of social media networks your business is on. As mentioned previously, the nature of Linked-In and its professional space fosters this type of response and behavior, where users are inherently driven to engage and desire to learn more about your business when they see your post or ad. 

  • 93% of B2B content marketers use Linked-In in their organic social marketing. 

With almost all marketers from this survey utilizing Linked-In as a channel to market content to users, it is a no brainer that your business should also be doing the same. Linked-In is a great digital space to boost your brand’s discoverability, brand awareness, and most efficiently drive traffic to your business. 

  • Almost 80% of content marketers say that Linked-In gives the best organic results. 

When building your marketing strategy, your business has to think about not only how you are going to market to your audiences, but also where. Many businesses forget about Linked-In as an avenue to drive leads because of its professional environment. But, in fact, it happens to be one of marketers’ favorite networks to efficiently drive the most leads possible for the businesses that they oversee content and marketing for. 

Although the landscape of social media is always changing, and these statistics may change over time, it is essential for your business on social media to understand the trends and advantages of each network you are on or maybe not on yet. With most businesses not utilizing Linked-In for marketing and posting content, there is a huge opening for your business to make headway, and exponentially increase your discoverability and organic traffic. From the professional nature of the app to the direct funnel of leads to your brand, Linked-In provides both a network and endless opportunities for your business to be successful in your marketing endeavors. 

To learn more about how to successfully market and post content on your Linked-In as a business to increase your brand awareness, leads, and engagement, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team.

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