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[March 3, 2021] New Features: Twitter Character Length Error Notice, New Social Network Connect Area, and Canadian Currency available for Agency Subscription Pages

March 4, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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We are thrilled to bring you our latest features: A updated social network connection area making it easier to know which accounts you have connected and which you have not, Twitter character length error allowing you to quickly address issues before they happen and we have added Canadian currency as an option for Agencies who are using the White Label Subscriptions through Social Rotation.

Twitter Character Length Error

There is nothing worse than working hard to write out your captions for posts just to realize later that it didn't work because it went past the 280 character length allowed for Twitter.

With our new update that is no longer an issue. The minute you add captions that goes past the 280 character limit you will get an error icon that will alert you to go in and make edits.

You will see the alert in your content bucket in the form of a red exclamation icon.

You will also see the alert from the Schedule screen in the form of an exclamation icon.

NEW Social Network Connection Area

We have updated the Social Network Connection area of the dashboard. This new area is visually more appealing but also functional. You can easily see which social accounts you have connected and which are needing to be connected or re-connected.

You can access this new area by clicking on Admin and selecting Social Networks.

Canadian Currency Option for Agency White Label Subscriptions

If you have an agency account and are using our White Label Subscription area, you now have the ability to to choose Canadian Dollars as your Currency for your subscription.

We'll Show you how to use these new features.

Join us each week on Wednesdays at 4 pm Eastern for our Weekly Q&A Call. Our team will walk you through these features, give you tips and tricks for using Social Rotation and answer any questions you may have. Register for the webinar here.

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