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Simple Mistakes Most Business Owners Should Avoid With Their Social Media Accounts

March 7, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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3 Tips That Will Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage  

To see if you are making these common mistakes, let's take a look at the social media platforms you currently use for your business.

When you look at them through the perspective of a potential new customer, do you think that it gives an accurate representation of your brand? And furthermore, would it intrigue you as a potential customer to learn more about what your business has to offer? 

Think of your social media as an extension of your business. It should accurately represent your brand’s voice and present what your business has to offer. Social Media marketing has become the most valuable tool for potential and recurring consumers to read, share, and discover your business’ products quicker than ever before. 

The digital age has become more effective than ever in converting sales for businesses. Take this opportunity to get a leg up against competitors on social media before your business gets left behind.

But, as a business owner, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where to start in terms of improving your social media. You may be wondering what the common mistakes are, and what steps to take to make the easy yet valuable fix.   

Here Are 3 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them On Your Business’ Social Media: 

1. Inconsistently Posting On Your Platforms 

Being consistent with posting content is one, if not the most essential piece to your success on social media. If you are not posting regularly, consumers cannot discover, share or take any interest in your brand, which is the purpose of social media for a business. Although staying active and consistent is continually talked about in the social media marketing space, most businesses fail to reach this benchmark. Social media is an extremely reputable marketing tool, but you must be consistent. One tip to stay active on your business’ social media is to create a daily schedule and automate your content. 

2. Failing To Reach Your Brand’s Target Audience  

Another avoidable mistake a lot of businesses make on social media is that they are posting consistently, however the content does not speak to their target audience of consumers. When you begin to post regularly, you unlock the opportunity to leverage social media as a listening tool; for example, what posts are your audience responding to the best? Which type of posts get the most engagement and interaction? A quick review of your social media will help reveal which content speaks specifically to the type of consumer you are targeting. In result, your business will see an exponential increase in engagement and consequently sales. Use their response as feedback to increase their curiosity in future content and interest in your brand.  

3. Not Planning Out Your Posts and Content 

By scheduling and devising a plan ahead of time for your content, you can easily avoid the first two mistakes discussed on your social media. Instead of having to remember to post or potentially having difficulty on creating content, planning out what you will post to social media ensures your business will never be inactive and gives you more time to evaluate how to further improve the type of content you generate for your audience. The goal of your accounts are to increase brand awareness, build relationships with consumers, provide valuable content, and present what your business can offer. With a clear strategy in place, you can utilize your social media in a way that can meet or exceed its full potential for your business. 

With these common mistakes in mind, your next move is to put a plan into place to improve your social media platforms. It will be worthwhile to work out your strategy and your execution of this plan quickly while also making small adjustments overtime. Dedicating this time will inherently give you an advantage on social media over other businesses who did not take this opportunity to better their strategy. 

Savvy business owners see this advantage in tools and services that fully automate their business’ social media by posting regularly on a schedule that is customizable for their target audience. Not only will they avoid these simple mistakes on social media, they have automated and a proven and effective strategy.  

To learn more about creating a marketing strategy that will give you an unfair advantage and dominate your competitors, click here.

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