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New Content: Done-For-You Electrician Pack

August 16, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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The New Done-For-You Electrician Pack is Now Live

Today we released the new Done-for-You Electrician Content Pack in your Social Rotation Account.

In this pack, you will find 180 Custom Hand-Drawn Designs for any Electrician business.  Some of the topics you find in this pack include:

  • Reasons to Call an Electrician
  • Facts About Electricians
  • How to rewire an old Home
  • Reasons to Rewire your House
  • Different types of Electrical Outlets
  • Different types of Electrical Wires
  • Electrician Tools
  • Exterior Electric
  • How to Wire for a Shed
  • Facts about Electricity
  • Appliances that use the most Electricity
  • How to Conserve Electricity in your Home
  • Energy Saving Gadgets for your Home
  • Avoid Electrical Injury, Call an Electrician
  • How to Safely Wire
  • Different types of Light Switches
  • Different types of Light Fixtures

Where to Find the Content Pack

To Find the Content Visit the Market Place inside your Social Rotation Account.

  1. Log into your Account.
  2. Click on Content
  3. Click on Market Place

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