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[New Content] Landscape & Christmas Lighting

October 24, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Landscape and Christmas Lighting Content is now available.

As business owners, we realize that spending time to find content to post, or worse creating your own graphics, can be time-consuming and difficult.  But it doesn't have to be.  

This week we are giving you a new Landscape Lighting & Christmas Lighting Done-for-You Pack.

What This Landscape Lighting and Christmas Lighting Content Pack Includes

  • Do's and Don't of Outdoor Landscape Lighting
  • Why Hire a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company
  • DIY or Hiring a Professional for Outdoor Lighting
  • How much maintenance is required for Outdoor Lighting
  • How long do outdoor lighting fixtures last
  • How to Plan for Exterior Lights
  • Types of Outdoor House Lights
  • Lighting for Safety
  • The Purpose of Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Types of Security Lighting Products
  • Reasons to Hire Professional Christmas Light Installers
  • Questions to Consider When Choosing a Professional Christmas Light Installation Service.
  • Holiday Lighting Options

How to Get the Landscape & Christmas Lighting Content

Sign up for an account with Social Rotation and all available content (over 80 content packs) is free to use with the software.

Where to Find the Landscape & Christmas Lightning Content Pack

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Content 
  3. Type in Lighting in the search bar

Click on the Activate Button below the image.

For a full walk-through on how to use this content pack, watch the video below.

Social Rotation gives our members new content each and every month.  And not just a little content, a LOT of content.  We give you Canva Templates as well as Done-For-You posts in a variety of niches on a variety of different subjects four times a month.  Currently, we have Done-For-You Content for over SIX dozen niches and over two dozen Canva templates as well. 

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