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[New Feature] Internal Onboarding

August 26, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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We are thrilled to bring you our newest feature to Social Rotation as this is one we have been planning and working on for quite some time. You now have the ability to put your clients through an internal onboarding right inside the software. Once they log in, there are 4 very simple steps and when they are done, the account will have scheduled content posting.

How the Onboarding Works

When you are the client logs in for the first time, the onboarding automation will be the first thing that they see and it will look like this.

As you can see there are 4 simple steps to follow. But there is also a guide at the top of the screen that will let the user know where they are in the process.

Step 1: Choose Your Industry

Once you click on the first button, it will have you scroll through a list to select the industry that best fits your needs. Any niche pack that is currently available will be listed in this drop-down list. Once a new niche pack is released, it will be added to this list for future use.

Once you have finished this step it will take you back to the 4 steps to show you that you have completed it by marking it with a green check mark as well as making the upper navigation green as well.

Step 2: Connect Social Accounts

Now the social accounts will be connected one by one. Click on each social icon to begin the connection.

Once you click on each network, it will open up a second window on the same screen to log into your account. Let's start with Facebook in this example.

Once logged in, select the Facebook page you wish to connect to, and toggle Instagram over (Instagram must be connected within Facebook. For instructions on how to do that check out this post), choose the Facebook group if you have one, and hit save.

Once you have saved it, it will then change that social icon to color and it will add a green checkmark, indicating that it has been connected.

Continue connecting social accounts just the same. Once finished connecting all of the accounts you wish to connect, simply hit the blue done button.

Step 3: Upload Your Logo

Much like it is inside the software, the upload logo section is completed by uploading a file, adjusting the scale and transparency, and then saving.

Step 4: Schedule My First Post

The next step is the simplest but the most impressive. Anyone who goes through the onboarding process will automatically be given access to the Motivational Bucket and the Engagement Mega Pack Bucket as well as the buckets that correspond to the industry they selected in step 1.

Simply choose which content you want to schedule posts for. The system will automatically create schedules for each of those buckets, but this step will choose which of those schedules are active.

Once you hit the save button it will alert you that you completed the onboarding process.

Hit the finish button and a video will show explaining everything that was accomplished by going through the onboarding. Don't worry, this video doesn't have any Social Rotation branding, making it easy for resellers to use as well.

What Was Accomplished

The minute the onboarding is complete you will see what was accomplished right from the dashboard. Any scheduled content for the next week will be displayed on the dashboard.

You can also edit the schedule that was automated during onboarding.

You can choose to activate or deactivate any schedule and change the scheduled time, days, or social platforms the content is going out on.

You can also edit any of the content that was claimed for the account content buckets. And don't worry about the content needing to be randomized, we made an update there as well. All content buckets are now automatically randomized the moment they are claimed, saving an extra step.

We hope you love this new update as much as we do.

For a full detailed walkthrough of the onboarding process, join our Q&A call Thursday at Noon Eastern.

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