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[New Features] Agency Bucket Update

January 20, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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New Features

We recently added a lot of new features to the Social Rotation Agency Bucket area. The purpose of these new features and feature updates is to make it much easier for you to complete tasks inside of Social Rotation. Instead of taking 3 clicks to do something we want it to take 2 or 1.

  • Easily grant access to buckets with two clicks
  • You can now easily see which accounts have access to what buckets with one glance. And if you want to add client access to any of those buckets all you have to do now is click on the pencil, choose which account you want to have access and save. We have really streamlined that process.

    Step 1: Click on the Pencil.

    Step 2: Choose which account you want to have access and hit save

  • New clean design
  • This new bucket area looks more simple and streamlined and was designed to match our post-now area. This new bucket design is optimized to take up less space and allow you to easily navigate from option to option.

  • Upload several images at one time
  • This new feature is one that we know you will love. Before you could only upload images one at a time or create a zip file to upload several at once. Well, no more. You can now select several images at once to upload without going through the hassle of creating a zip file or doing them one by one.

  • Update all first comments at one time
  • This new feature was one that several users have requested and that was the ability to add a first comment to all of your posts. You can now do this fast and easy with the Bulk Edit All First Comments.

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