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Our Weekly Update for 9/15/20

October 6, 2020 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Our weekly software update! 

We have been receiving a lot of feature and improvement requests. We love to see all of your requests to help improve Social Rotation to fit your digital agency. We take each request seriously and want to put it into effect as quickly as possible. 

Our recent updates are listed below. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! 

Improvements and Feature Requests:

  • We have updated the order form to be responsive on any device.
    One thing to note is to make sure your logo is a 5:1 ratio, being longer than taller. If it is too tall it will look smooshed on your order form. If you need help creating a new logo you can check out They will be happy to create you the perfect size logo.
  • You can now randomize your buckets!
    You can randomize your buckets inside your locations. If you want each business to start on a different rotation you can go to each and click randomize as many times as you would like. Then each of your locations will receive the posts at different times.
  • The Date Based Content is listed in chronological order.
    This will help you locate your date based posts quickly! You won’t have to to click anything for them to be in order. They will do it automatically.
  • The Date Based Buckets will auto populate.
    You have the option to add the bucket with the dates preserved. If you select preserved when you add the bucket to a location it will automatically add those to your schedule.
  • You can see 5 days worth of scheduled posts in the Location Dashboard.
    This will show you both your date based and rotational posts. This helps you see the upcoming week posts. 

If you have a feature request submit it to our support desk, HERE. We love hearing your ideas to help improve Social Rotation! 

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