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Our Weekly Update for 9/29/20

October 6, 2020 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Our weekly software update! 

We have been receiving a lot of feature and improvement requests. We love to see all of your requests to help improve Social Rotation to fit your digital agency needs. We take each request seriously and want to put it into effect as quickly as possible. 

Our recent updates are listed below. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! 

Improvements and Feature Requests:

  • You can now edit your bullet points on your order forms!
    You can choose the bullets that we have listed or you can customize the bullet points to be whatever you would like. You have the option of creating up to 5 custom bullet points.
  • How to Fix Small logo watermarks on some packs!
    If you purchased any one of the packs listed below from the Marketplace prior to 9/28/20 and you were seeing a small watermark (due to some Facebook sizing issues) on your posts, this is the video showing you how to correct the error. Any packs purchased from the Marketplace after 9/28/20 will work perfectly.
    • Veterinarian
    • Insurance
    • HVAC
    • Tire and Lube
    • Real Estate-1st edition
    • Health and Fitness-2nd edition
    • National Days
    • Motivation Package-1st edition
    • Hospitality
    • Optometrist
    • MedSpa
    • Digital Agency

If you have a feature request submit it to our support desk, HERE. We love hearing your ideas to help improve Social Rotation!

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