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 Increase Monthly Revenue
  By Adding This One Link

You're invited to a private program designed for content creators and designers to help increase the monthly revenue for your business. All you have to do is add a PDF file to go along with your instructional files and thank you emails with a special link. That  link offers a trial of our software.

As a partner our team will work with you to create a co-branded professional instructional video and PDF guide that includes your tracking link. Our customer success team expertly handles any questions and support. 

Once the trial converts into a paying customer you earn 20% of the monthly subscription as a partner. This helps ensure your content was used by the purchaser and to build a return customer to your store in the near future.

     Earn More With Every Sale

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About Jeff Schwerdt

Jeff “Herschy” Schwerdt is one of our Co-Founders and Chief Marketing Officer at Social Rotation.

He's a former F-16 instructor pilot turned entrepreneur after a career ending back injury in 2007.

He's built and exited 2 SaaS companies and is well known in the Agency training space along with his Co-Founder Dr. Ben Adkins who helps runs the daily operations. 

Skype: HerschyF16

Earn More With Social Rotation As A Promotion Partner

Step 1: Sign Up To Become A Promotion Partner

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Step 2: Select Your Payment Method

Step 3: Fill Out Your W9/W8BEN Form And Upload

Step 4: Copy Your Promoter Share Link

How To Change Your Referral Link

Below is a break down of where each of the links will take your visitor.

Step 5: Get Paid

Once your customers have converted from a trial account to an active customer you will be paid the following month on the 30th.

Social Rotation Promotion Overview

Webinar Overview: Live Training Event Focused on the Story Behind a Simple 3 Step Funnel To Find, Close, and Fulfill A Powerful Service Without The Need For You To Ever Meet A Local Business Owner In Person Selling A $2400/year Service That Can Be Fulfilled In 10 Minutes and Runs Forever.

The Key Focus Points Are:

  • How To Sell A Hands Off Service That Generates $600-$2,400/ Business Per Year
  • The “Net” And “Bait” We Use To Attract Only The Interested Business Owners
  • How Even A Brand New Agency Can Look Like A Million Bucks To Any Prospect
  • The Secret to Overcoming the “Imposter Syndrome” For Struggling Agencies
  • And The Exact Messaging Offer We Use To Gain Interest And Close A Deal Fast

The Product: Certification Training, White Label Software, and Done For You Templates for Social Posting in Three Dozen Industry Specific Niches.

This is a complete training and system that is very simple to understand, get started with, build confidence for newbies, and see results quickly. Our trial offer converts extremely well with both beginner and experienced Digital Agencies and resonates extremely well with the new / growing agency lists.

The Offer: White Label Agency Partners receive a 21 Day Trial Offer for just a dollar that converts into a $199 a month plan. We also offer upgraded plans to attendees at the $299 and $499 levels for more advanced agencies. Bonuses are guaranteed to the first 150 buyers and we will extend that to all buyers through the replay period giving one final reason to mail.

Special Bonuses / Tweaks: Let us know what added special bonuses or changes would benefit your list to maximize conversions for your list.

Commissions: We pay 20% of the first monthly recurring plan price paid out 7 days after the trial expires and then monthly for up to twelve months.

Demo Access: If you’d like a demo user account we can set you up with one. As a promotion partner we will provide a Demo Single Location account and can work with you to leverage the software for your own social media.

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What Makes Social Rotation So Amazing?

Done-For-You Niche Content Library

We know just how hard it is to come up with content on consistent bases. That’s why we have niche-specific content you can use today for your business (see the current content library below).

Rotate Your Content Forever

No need to continually create new content month after month, when you can recycle what you already have. And it’s as easy as selecting a time of day and you are done.

Bulk Uploads Made Easy

We have made it quick and easy to upload multiple files at one time, meaning you can get your social posting done for a year in a matter of minutes.

Brand Your Content On The Fly

Upload your logo to Social Rotation and all of your content will be automatically watermarked by our system when it is posted.

Post To Multiple Social Networks At Once With One Schedule

Connect all your social media accounts to Social Rotation, create a schedule for posting your content, and your content will post to all of your social media accounts automatically.

Easily Manage Multiple Clients From Your White Label Agency Dashboard

Your account dashboard provides a quick look at upcoming date based and rotation based content. You’ll have the ability to see the content, where it’s posting, and when.

Watch A Quick Demo Of The Social Rotation Software

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Most Important Questions About Social Rotation

This specific offer is for content creators and stores of all types. We even have a direct Canva API. Social Rotation works for SMBs, Influencers, Direct Marketers, Authors, Speakers, Brands, E-commerce, Coaches, Authors and more.
Yes! Once we run the initial offer we can quickly setup an evergreen version for your offer with a custom PDF guide and video branded to you.
Commissions ( once W8/W9 submitted ) take place 7 days after the initial trial conversion.
Currently we publish to Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Google My Business. We also have a GIPHY and Canva API to pull in your content.
Absolutely! We have thousands of small businesses, either directly in Social Rotation or under a White Label Partner, leveraging the platform for Hands Off Social Content and Scheduling to Evolve their business every day.
All payouts are processed on a monthly basis. We’ll email you when the payout is completed.
Each month, your sales are calculated and available for cash-out via Pay-Pal.

Start Scheduling Your Social Media Content Today!

Schedule your social media content for the next year in only 15 minutes.
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