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[REPLAY] 21 Day Social Rotation Challenge (December 2nd,3rd & 4th, 2020)

December 3, 2020 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Day 1 (December 2nd)

Day 1 Tasks to Complete

  1. Build your Facebook Page Logo.
  2. Build your Facebook Page Cover.
  3. Build your Facebook Pinned Post graphic.
  4. Set up your Facebook Call to Action Button.
  5. Set up Social Rotation for your Facebook page.
  6. Set up 2 Content Rotations for your Page.
  7. Post a link to your page in the group under the day 1 challenge post.

Day 1 Links

Day 2 (December 3rd)

Day 2 Tasks to Complete

  1. Find your "Ideal 10" and put them into your CRM.
  2. Take a Screenshot and Post it to the group post.
  3. Schedule a day/time starting next week to start reaching out to them.
    1. (Wednesday/Thursday) (make sure to include that day/time in your Facebook post as text).

Day 2 Links

Day 3 (December 4th)

Day 3 Tasks to Complete

  1. Set up your Stripe Account.
  2. Set up your Business' Payment Page (so that you are ready to take money).
  3. Set up a Practice Client from Scratch from start to finish using the onboarding worksheet. (so that a real client isn't the first time you've set something up all the way).

Day 2 Links

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