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[Replay April 6, 2023] Q&A Call with Tabitha Thomas

April 6, 2023 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Here is what we covered on the latest Q&A Call with Tabitha Thomas

April Content:

Podcast Episode Canva Template

GoldiBlox Tribute Canva Template

Facebook Cover Graphic Canva Template

Review of New Features: Bulk 1st Comment Deletion, Watermark Reset, & Edit Scheduled Posts from the Dashboard.

Need to clear your 1st comment section fast? Now you can! Have a new logo, or decide you don't want one in a pack at all? Look for the new Reset button! You wanted more control from the Dashboard... well now you have it! Check out our quick breakdown of each of these features in this week's Replay.

If you have several you want cleared out, it has never been easier. With the click of a button, they're gone and the content is ready for you to tailor it as needed.

Easy to locate and easier to use. The button was a no-brainer.

The last feature, but certainly not least, lets you fix a scheduled post right from your dashboard. Gone are the days of having to delete the post completely out of the system and starting from scratch. Find it on the dashboard, click it, and edit as needed.

LinkedIn Pages will be coming very soon!

By our next monthly Q&A Call, the big news will be the ability to use LinkedIn Pages. We're all looking forward to rolling out this new feature. Be sure to be on the next call to see how it works.

To get text message notifications of calls, make sure you sign up for those here.

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