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[Replay December 15, 2022] Q&A Call with Tabitha and Dereck

December 15, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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In today's Q&A Webinar we covered everything that has happened in 2022, which was a lot. And we released a new feature that we know you will be very excited about.

Canva Released Templates

Self Magazine Tribute Template

Quote Template

Kitchen & Bath Template

BuzzFeed Tribute Template

Would You Rather Template

Huffington Post Tribute Template

Conversations Template

Dollar Shave Club Tribute Template

The Real Man Tribute Template

Live Training Template

Start Today Brand Tribute Template

Reminder Template

Digital Picnic

Meet the Team & Behind the Scenes Template

Dave Ramsey Tribute Template

Gift Guide Template

Hello Giggle Tribute Template

Done-For-You Content Packs

Kitchen & Bath Remodelers


Dog Groomer

Window Replacement

Senior Living

Power Washing

Salon Quotes

Damage & Restoration

Window Cleaning

Would You Rather

Life Insurance


Moving Company

Financial Literacy


Cleaning Services




Natural Healing

Landscape Lighting


Holiday Fun Facts

Mental Health

Exterior Hardscapes

Dermatologists- Releasing this month

National Food Days - Releasing this month

National Days- Releasing this month

Features Released in 2022

Run Once Schedule Options

Social Connections Shown on the Agency Dashboard

Add URL links

Uploaded Several Images at Once Inside Content Buckets

Bulk Edit First Comments

Upload Gifs & URLs to Content Buckets

Post to Facebook Groups

Add an RSS Feeds Schedule

Social Network Disconnection Email Notices

Internal Onboarding Automation

Revamp of Content Buckets

One Click Log In

New Feature: Post Videos to Facebook and Instagram

We just released our new feature and that is the ability to post videos to Facebook and Instagram. To learn all about how to use this new feature, read our latest blog post.

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