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[Replay November 4, 2021] Q&A Call with Tabitha Thomas

November 4, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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On today's call we discussed:

New Content

We released a new Canva Template on Monday and it was a tribute to Mel Robbins.

You can access the template by going to Agency Training and clicking on resources.

We also went over the content release schedule for the remainder of the year.

The Social Media Growth Specialist Certification

Today we celebrated those who have recently completed their Social Media Growth Specialist Certification program.

If you have not completed this critical certification, there is still time to get the work done and get all of the rewards that come with completion.

Social Media TroubleShooting

We did a little bit of a refresher on how to do a few things, like how to connect to Facebook and Instagram. But we also covered what to do when your social account isn't showing as an option in the drop-down list or what to do when they seem to have stopped posting.

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