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[Replay Oct 21, 2021] Q&A With Tabitha

October 21, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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On today's call we discussed:


We have updated the Content Bucket area. You will want to make sure that when you are naming your Content Buckets that you are using a unique name for each one, no duplicated names.

New Features

The first new feature is that you can now request for our team to Watermark your Social Packs right from the Social Rotation Dashboard.


  1. Click on Content
  2. Click on Watermarking Request
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Our team will watermark the content pack for you and upload it into your Buckets.
  5. Schedule your watermarked content.

The second new feature is that you can now search the MarketPlace for content that fits your needs. To search go to the MarketPlace and you will find the search bar in the upper right-hand corner.

New Content

The new Content released this month:

October 4th we released the Tony Robbins Tribute Canva Template

October 11th we released the This or That Engagement Canva Template

October 18th we released the Roofing Done-For-You Pack.

You can access the 2 Canva templates by going to Agency Training and clicking on resources. You can access the new Done-For-You pack by going to the MarketPlace and searching roofing.

Week 3 of the Social Media Growth Specialist Certification

Today we went over where everyone is in the process of going through the certification course. There are several people who have signed up but have not even started going through the training. If you are one of these people make sure you watch today's replay and get in there and get started!

Creating Custom Content

We also went over how to create custom content using the Canva Templates we have provided you.

Here are some replay links to some previous calls where we covered how to use those custom content to reach out to potential clients.

Q&A Call Now Hiring Template Start at the 26 minute mark

Q&A Call Creating Custom Content for Salons Start at the 28 minute mark

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