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[REPLAY] Social Media Growth Specialist Certification LIVE

November 30, 2021 by Jeff Schwerdt
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(Scroll down to access each week)

Week 1: Setting up Your Agency for Success

Welcome to Week 1 of the Social Media Growth Specialist Certification. 

This week we will be focused on setting up your Social Rotation account, claiming content for your agency, and getting a consistent look for all of your social accounts.  

1. Watch The Video 

2. Set up your Facebook Account

3. Set up your Instagram Account

4. Set up your Twitter Account

5. Set up your LinkedIn Account 

6. Create a free subscription for Agency Use

7. Create a free user for your Agency Location 

8. Claim a Digital Agency Pack from the Market Place

19. If you want us to watermark a content pack for you, fill out the form

10. Create a Rotation Schedule 

11. Fill out the Completion Form 

Once you finish week 1 and our team has confirmed that you have completed all of your work you will get an email from us.  

We will also be sending you Week 1 Completion Bonus, which is your Custom Post Templates.   

Week 2: How to Find and Pitch Ideal Clients

Congrats on completing Week 1.  I know that was a lot of work, but look at everything you were able to accomplish for your own agency! Your social profiles look better than ever before and you are probably spending less time managing them than you have ever before.  

Now it's time to work on Week 2.  And this week is all about building a "sales pipeline" of clients that Need Your Services Now.  

1. Watch the Video. 

2. Sign up for Pipedrive

3. Add in all 20 of the niche businesses you are reaching out to. Make sure they fit the 6 Key Indicators

4. Set Tasks to Call and make a purchase

5. Set Task to Follow up with a phone call 

6. Fill out the Week 2 Completion Form 

7. Post your Week 2 Icon under your reserved spot 

Once you finish week 2 and our team has confirmed that you have completed all of your work you will get an email from us.

We will also be sending you Week 2 Completion Bonus, which is Presentation Slides, Video of Example Pitch, and Transcript of that Pitch.   

Week 3: How to Set Clients Up for Success

Congratulations you are now over halfway through the Certification Program.  

But this week we are going to focus on setting your Clients up for Success. Follow the steps below.

1. Watch the Video 

2. Go and reserve your spot on the Facebook Post

3. Set up and Connect your Stripe Account 

4. Create your Subscription Plan 

5. Add your Order form Links

6. Set up a sample account for an Example Client

7. Fill out the Completion Form

8. Post your Week 3 Icon under your Facebook Reserved Comment


Client Onboarding Trello Template

Pick an Example Client 

Example Logo Files

 Frequency Rules

Week 4: How to Upsell your Services

Congratulations you are at the finish line! 

This week we are going to be talking about how to upsell your services.

1. Watch the Video. 

2. Fill out the Certification Completion Request

3. Fill out the Social Media Growth Specialist Certification Survey 

4. Give us your testimonial and we will send you a free Social Rotation Shirt. 

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