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Social Media Content That Your Business Needs To Create 

June 6, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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10 Types of Content That Adds Versatility To Your Social Media

Within social media marketing, posting quality content is an essential priority in any smart business’ strategy. No matter the platform or business, sharing content is how your business actually engages potential consumers, giving them the opportunity to interact and take interest in your business. Content is what draws attention to your business, peaks curiosity, and drives traffic that will actually convert into recurring sales. 

As social media is becoming one of the biggest outlets of success in digital marketing, content is also simultaneously becoming the core center of the strategy. As businesses begin to focus on posting quality content according to their specific target audience, results such as increased engagement, loyalty, and reciprocity will come in building these relationships on social media with followers. 

But with social media gaining traction for businesses for their engagement, the pool of brands actively posting on these platforms has also exponentially increased, making it even more difficult to be discoverable to your target audience versus potential competitors. 

So, as a business, what can you implement into your digital strategy that will not only boost the quality of your content, but also make you stand out to consumers?  

The answer is posting creative and different ways to present content. Through various modes of content, you have the opportunity on social media to build your brand’s presence and voice, while still grabbing your consumer’s attention in a unique way. 

Here Are 10 Different Types Of Content That Your Business Needs To Create and Utilize On Social Media:  

1. User Generated Content

User-generated content is a simple yet successful type of content that can diversify what you post on social media. This content is something that is created by someone else, like your consumers for example, then you repost it and give credit to the original creator. UCG is a great way to build loyal relationships with your followers, and demonstrate that your business cares about them. Furthermore, this content can be very quick and easy, because all your business has to do is find and post it. While still keeping your posts new and different, it can also show your support and voice on social media as a business. On the Social Rotation platform, user-generated content can be effortlessly uploaded just by utilizing a URL link, which then creates a ready-to-go post for your social media. 


Quotes are great to add into your social media because they are inspirational and motivational to your followers, across all types of businesses. Quotes can be posted just as the text itself, or could also be paired with visuals related to the meaning or your brand’s identity. Similar to UCG, quotes are another great method to both diversify your business’ content while also establishing your brand’s authority and social media identity. Within Social Rotation, there are two motivational quote packs with countless done-for-you posts. Or, you also have the option to create, customize, and upload your own quotes through Canva on the Social Rotation platform.

3. Podcasts

As you may already know, podcasts have gained a lot of popularity and momentum over the past few years. Although many businesses do not have podcasts themselves, it can give your brand a lot of exposure to your target audience in places other competitors may be missing. Podcasts can also be used as a type of social media content through RSS feeds, which converts it into content that can be posted onto your feed. After the podcast is live, all your business has to do is paste the URL link into Social Rotation, and the RSS feed will do the rest. 

To learn more about RSS feeds on your business’ social media, click here to view our previous post on them.

4. Articles

Similar to user-generated content, you can also find and post articles that would be valuable to your consumers, giving credit to the original creator. By sharing high value information with your target audience, you are both keeping them engaged and informed about topics related to your business. In the Social Rotation dashboard, you can upload an article’s link your business wants to share one time that will be turned into a post. Additionally you can also post articles through an RSS feed if you always like the content a specific creator always puts out, allowing a continuous flow of distinct yet quality posts. 

5. Infographics

Posting infographics not only delivers knowledgeable content, but also has the ability to grab consumer’s attention in a different way by adding the element of visual appeal. Additionally, infographics give your business the opportunity to fit more information per piece of content through infographics. Creating this type of content is not difficult through templates provided such as on Canva. All your business has to do is replace the text with the information and images that your business wants to share in the post, which can then be easily uploaded and scheduled as a post in the Social Rotation dashboard. 

6. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a type of user-generated content where your business shares the reviews of your products from actual consumers. This type of content is the best way to build trust and credibility to potential consumers who discover your business through social media and are making the decision on whether or not to invest in your product or services. Social proof is an excellent way of demonstrating your product’s value, and essentially helps drive any traffic to your business’ page. Many consumers base their decision of purchase off of other people’s previous experiences with your brand, so providing this information not only diversifies your content, but can also boost your conversion rate as well. Along with the other types of content, customer testimonials can easily be converted into posts on Canva, which is conveniently right inside the Social Rotation dashboard. 

7. Audience Questions

When trying to be a discoverable and active business on social media, it is crucial that you post content that is engaging to your audience. One type of content that promotes interaction with your posts in its nature is audience questions. In the post, your business asks a question that could be related to your business, a current trend, or even related to your brand’s identity in some way. These questions get your audience thinking and provokes them to answer, which gets them to engage with your business’ social media page. Social Rotation has four done-for-you templated content engagement packs which include thought provoking questions that serve as a different mode of content and an interactive piece for consumers. 


GIFS are the most simple yet entertaining type of content that can be added to your rotation of posts. These short clips are not only attention grabbing and relatable, but they are also extremely easy to find and add to your social media as content. In Social Rotation, you can find GIFS right in the software, which allows you to post them once, or add them to buckets within your current schedule of content. 

9. Educational Content

Educational content is when you teach information or facts about your business’ niche to your consumer base. Sharing this kind of knowledge allows potential consumers to make informed decisions about your products based on your social media, but furthermore establishes brand authority by illustrating your business’ value. Additionally, by providing information to consumers about your niche, they are more likely to choose from your products or services in the decision making process when they are learning from your business. Social Rotation provides many various forms of educational content within a variety of the available niche packs.  

10. Product Promotion

Product Promotion content allows your business to get the most out of its social media by promoting your services and creating original content for your page, all while essentially advertising your brand to target consumers for free. This type of content can be promoted in different modes, and can include valuable information such as your product’s benefits or even pricing discounts. Although it may be thought that advertising on your social media may be a turn off to some potential consumers, providing value to your content is less likely to drive them away than boring and redundant posts. With Social Rotation, creating product promotion posts can be done easily through Canva templates built into the software, which allows you to design anything into Canva and directly upload it into your dashboard, similar to the other previous types of content mentioned earlier. 

Overall, utilizing different types of content in your social media strategy can benefit your business through increased engagement, diverse and high quality content, and build your brand’s authority and discoverability. Although all of these types of posts have different modes of presenting content, they all equally still hit your business’ main objectives on social media. This aspect of your digital marketing will add versatility to your social media that competitors will not be able to keep up with. 

And with the help of Social Rotation, creating all of these various types of content will require minimal time and effort. Features such as converting URL links into posts and direct uploading from Canva allow your business to easily generate and schedule out posts, all while still targeting your business’ specific audience and keeping a consistent stream of quality content. Content is what drives the success of your social media, so use it to your business’ greatest advantage to see the best results.

To get more information on the essentials for social media content or how to utilize Social Rotation to effortlessly build and post content, click here to schedule a personalized one-on-one demo with our team. 

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