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The Powerful Benefits Of Repurposing Content On Social Media That Your Business Is Lacking

April 18, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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5 Reasons Why Rejuvenating Old Posts Can Lead To Greater Results Within Your Marketing Strategy Over Competitors   

Quality content is an essential factor in lead generation and converting prospects into consumers for any marketing strategy, especially on digital platforms like social media. As anyone would expect, the more traffic driven to the content, the more return and ultimately profit a business will receive from the success of their online content strategy.  

With each piece of content you produce and post, there is always an end goal, trend, or specific audience in mind. Despite the overall success or lack thereof for a piece of content, the post will inevitably become old to your consumers, as they move onto the next piece put in front of them. Unfortunately, this quick timeline leads to the potential of the post to diminish greatly in driving traffic for the business as time goes on. 

Thankfully for businesses, repurposing content is an effective concept that not only saves a large amount of time in creating new content for your social media, but also revitalizes already done content in a way that maximizes the amount of eyes that reach your posts. Through a revamp of old content based on the current social media climate in general or specific to your business’ niche, you can fulfill the full potential of your posts, social media marketing strategy, and get the most return on your content by expanding its reach in a new way. 

Aside from the great amount of time your business will save… 

Here Are Five Ways Repurposing Content Is Beneficial For Your Social Media:
1. Reach People Your Post May Have Missed The First Time

Repurposing an old post is the best way to get greater visibility on any piece of content. Whether you are tweaking something small such as the call to action or changing its creative direction completely, leveraging content by repurposing it can heavily boost traffic. Especially when making changes to the post in a specific manner, your content will find its way to new potential consumers whose attention your business did not grab with the original post. 

2. Improving Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Many businesses do not utilize the idea of repurposing content because they believe that it will be considered spam or that they will be penalized for duplicating content. But for social media and SEO, this belief is not true at all. By making your business’ content more up to date by aligning with current trends or using more keywords, your content will actually be boosted in search engines, making it more accessible and relevant to your target consumers. In consequence, your enhanced content will reach a greater audience and ultimately improve your online presence. 

3. Capitalizing On Posts You Have Already Put Your Effort And Time Into Creating 

Along with improving the amount of reach you are getting on posts, repurposing content gives your business the opportunity to get the full value out of your work. By revitalizing in accordance with trends or a new lens that gives the content a different perspective, your business in turn is maximizing the impact and return you can get out of a single piece of content. Capitalizing on already existing posts is the easiest way to get the most out of the time and effort that was spent in building the specific content for your marketing strategy. 

4. Diversifying The Content on Your Social Media 

Although repeating content in a new way seems like the complete opposite of diversifying your social media, changing the overall intent and desired response to a post can easily enhance your content to be seen in a different way. For example, you can diversify the content you post by editing the post’s overall goal, or even the mode in which you present the content, such as to a video format or a more infographic style. Furthermore, there are also many ways to repurpose content through your social media stories; incorporating engaging features such as polls or Q&A’s gives your followers the opportunity to more actively participate and interact with your page. Your business can easily create different ways to present your information to your target audience that ultimately still promote them to invest in your product or services. 

5. Reinforcing Your Message and Brand’s Voice 

Lastly, another benefit of repurposing content is to strengthen your business’ voice and message you are trying to encapsulate on social media. Although the content is now being presented by your business in a new way, the overall message you are aiming to have potential consumers understand will most likely be the same. Repurposing content not only allows you to get the most out of the work you did for that post, but also gives your business the opportunity to cover the same topic consistently with your audience. The more potential buyers are able to grasp your intent and brand’s voice within the message, the more likely they are to make that decision to actually invest in your business. 

Repurposing content is a simple way to enrich your marketing strategy that will effectively see positive results for your business. From content that previously done well for your social media or redeem posts that could have done better, this method of incorporating old content in an updated approach is a great process for any social media page to boost their reach, get the post value out of their creativity, and generate the most revenue from their online presence. 

Surprisingly enough, only about a third of marketers are currently using this system of reusing content in their strategies. As a business, rejuvenating your content can not only bring an increase in your online traffic and revenue alone, but also give you a tremendous advantage over competitors who may not be utilizing this strategy. 

To learn more about how to enhance your marketing strategy by saving time and expanding your reach with repurposed content, click here to schedule a free demo with our team for your business. 

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