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Using Facebook Groups As A Marketing Strategy To Expand Your Business’ Organic Reach 

May 23, 2022 by Jeff Schwerdt
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Why This Facebook Space Is Effective In Growing Your Digital Brand

When the majority of people think of Facebook, especially for businesses, it is most common to think of the typical business profile page with related content posts and even potentially paid advertisements they occasionally see on their feed.  

But did you know that it is harder with Facebook pages than any other social media platform to increase a business organic reach?

With less reach, your business will drive less leads to its page, reduce the amount of engagement with consumers, and ultimately lose out on a lot of potential sales and digital marketing success. Although the typical content posts on your business’ page still hold value, most of the time they only surge a temporary increase in engagement, and eventually fall off as time goes on. As your business continues to strive in its endeavor to grow online, it is essential to your social media strategy to always be discoverable and interactive with your consumers.

So how can your business further build its audience and also nurture the one your business already has, in a smart and efficient way specifically on Facebook?  

The solution is Facebook Groups. 

What are Facebook Groups? 

Facebook groups are a digital space that creates conversation within your business community. The group, which can be tied to your Facebook page, fosters discussion and anything related to your business between your business and its consumers. This unique space develops a group that builds community, boost engagement, and improves interaction both between consumers and with your business in a way that effectively drives your sales. 

Similar to the business’ Facebook page itself, you have the ability to tailor it to your specific audience and goals. When starting the Facebook Group, you create its name, cover photo, and can invite its initial members. Furthermore, your business has the ability to write a description for the “About” section of the group, tag keywords to increase its discoverability for your target audience, and even set a specific location. These groups can be public or private, which can help with either overall growth or developing a strong sense of community in your group with a limited number of members. There may even be already existing Facebook groups about your business as well, apart from your brand’s own group, which you can also join and utilize as another space to directly interact with your consumers. 

Aside from creating a space for your consumers to communicate with and about your business, another unique feature of Facebook groups is the ability for anyone to post. As a member of your group, anybody can post content for the rest of the group to view and comment. In contrast to your business’ Facebook page where you are one-sidedly feeding your consumers content, your Facebook group gives the opportunity for the members to further engage through the exchanging of content and conversation about your brand. Although the idea of Facebook groups are usually not conceptualized for business purposes, there are many special components that allow you to boost engagement and drive leads in an entirely new yet effective way. 

Why Do Businesses Need Facebook Groups? 

As mentioned previously, Facebook groups are a positive space that can foster community in a way that boosts your engagement more than a normal static post ever could. Within these groups, your consumers have the ability to connect and communicate directly not only with your business, but also with each other. This unique type of interaction gives your business the opportunity as well to respond directly to questions and concerns, and gain a better understanding of your target audience overall in relation to your brand. There is no other place like Facebook Groups on social media that encourages this relationship between consumers and your business.

Further, there are quite a few benefits businesses can gain from these Facebook groups apart from community. With the capability of anybody to post content, your business can gain valuable feedback from consumers that you can trust and invest in your business. This opportunity for consumers to post in the group gives them an open floor to engage, and provide valuable insight about your business. Your business can additionally utilize consumers’ posts in your Facebook group as user-generated content. As one of the top types of content on all of social media currently, this group is also an easy and effective way to gather great content to be shared outside of your Facebook group community. Facebook groups are a space to gain insight, inspiration, and build valuable trust with your consumers.

How To Use Facebook Groups To Expand Your Business

The nature of these groups creates a unique environment that can influence the amount of quality, recurring leads you drive to your business. 

Along with building your own community directly centered around your brand, here are a few other benefits to Facebook groups that will in result widen your digital reach and influence:  

  • Boosting your brand’s online presence  
  • With the increase of social interaction, activity from the group is much more likely to show up on feeds versus a regular static post
  • Potential to create exclusivity in the group that consumers do not want to miss out on, which increases engagement with your business’ Facebook group greater than a regular social media post 
  • Building personal relationships with your consumers, creating trust and brand loyalty 
  • More effectively boosting not only your leads but also conversion of consumers
  • Increasing your organic reach on Facebook overall, with this exponential improvement in brand engagement and sociability 

Ultimately, Facebook groups provide businesses a unique opportunity to build their online presence, direct connection with consumers, and in result continuously grow their brand digitally. Rather than solely relying on the temporary engagement to get leads from a static post, this line of communication promotes constant interaction and will drive your brand’s reach consistently in a way that will grow your business. Facebook groups are the most efficient and successful strategy in the digital space to expand your business’ organic leads and sales. 

With Social Rotation, you can quickly and easily post to your Facebook groups with scheduling and already done-for-you content. Our software not only saves you valuable time by not having to worry about sharing content, but also allows you to focus on the direct interaction between your business and its consumers, which is the greatest benefit of this digital space.  

Not sure where to start or want to get more insight on Social Rotation? Join our own Facebook Groups Here! 

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To get more information about the advantages of Facebook groups on expanding your brand’s organic reach or how Social Rotation can efficiently streamline this aspect of your successful marketing strategy, click here. 

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